Doug Collins blasts Ayanna Pressley for 'fanning the flames of anarchy' with call for more civil unrest

Doug Collins blasts Ayanna Pressley for 'fanning the flames of anarchy' with call for more civil unrest

August 17, 2020

Rep. Collins accuses Democrats voting scare tactics, ‘fanning the flames’ of unrest

Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins speaks out on ‘Fox & Friends.’

Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., is “fanning the flames of anarchy,” said Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., on Monday, reacting to Pressley's comments justifying the unrest in cities across the country.

“It’s highly irresponsible and those comments are just fanning the flames of what we’re seeing. We had officers hurt last night in Seattle” Collins told “Fox & Friends."


There should be “unrest in the streets” over President Trump and his political allies turning a "deaf ear" to Americans' concerns, including those about the "dismantling" of the U.S. Postal Service — which amounts to voter suppression, Pressley said Friday.

Conservatives on Twitter quickly condemned Pressley's remarks as "unhinged," "horrible" and "disgusting."

The freshman Democrat "Squad" member made her remarks Saturday on MSNBC's "AM Joy."

“This is as much about public outcry, organizing and mobilizing and applying pressure," Pressley said, after mentioning steps Democratic lawmakers can take, "so that this GOP-led Senate and these governors that continue to carry water for this administration, putting American people in harm’s way, turning a deaf ear to the needs of our families and our communities – hold them accountable.

"Make the phone calls, send the emails, show up," she continued. "You know, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives.”


Collins said that U.S. leaders should be trying to restore “civil society” instead of using “rhetoric” that feeds into “the problems that we’re seeing.”

“She is carrying the water for the anarchists that are looting and robbing and going through our cities. She’s carrying the water for those who want to defund our police and disrespect our police,” Collins said.

“When you’re wanting to have more unrest but yet you’re wanting to take away our police and our security, I think that shows exactly what they’re wanting to do is keep everything up in the air because they want to get at this election and they want to blame it all on Donald Trump.”

Fox News' Brie Stimson contributed to this report.

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