Andy McCarthy hits media's lack of curiosity into the Biden family connection to China

Andy McCarthy hits media's lack of curiosity into the Biden family connection to China

May 28, 2021

McCarthy: Where’s the investigation into the Bidens’ financial relationship with China?

Fox News Contributor reacts to the president denying knowledge of his son’s business associates on ‘The Story’

“Hunter Biden’s business is access,” former chief assistant U.S. Attorney and Fox News contributor Andrew McCarthy said Thursday reacting to reports President Biden met with his son’s Russian and Ukrainian business associates.

During an appearance on “The Story”, McCarthy criticized the president’s son and ex-business partner Devon Archer, who was convicted in a federal fraud case in the Southern District of New York.

“These guys were not in business to produce value. They were in business because they were related to or had close relationships to high-ranking people in the United States government and they provided access,” said McCarthy. So I think people ought to be very concerned about this,” he continued.

“China is our biggest geopolitical problem. How is it that we don’t have a thorough investigation into what the Bidens’ financial relationship is with China? Which was one of the big issues in the campaign that get swept under the rug,” McCarthy added.

Host Martha MacCallum noted the lack of curiosity from the American media amid the appearance of conflicts of interest between the Biden family, China, and Ukraine.

McCarthy agreed, adding, “It should have been a curiosity for American reporters and it should have been a curiosity for American voters.”

“The bottom line, and this was completely confirmed by what we learned about Hunter’s laptop, which they never really questioned the authenticity… So what you get is every time Barack Obama, as president, puts Joe Biden in charge of American foreign policy, with respect to a country — whether it’s Ukraine or Russia or China — those countries see some reason, who knows why, to pay millions of dollars to Hunter Biden.”

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