Kabu’s FX Volumes Soar in February as Volatility Remains High

March 3, 2018

Kabu.com has reported its ‎preliminary results for its trading volumes and metrics for the month ending February 2018. The latest results corroborated an industry trend in the retail space, having benefitted from strong JPY trading during February. With a pickup of volatility and markets heating up for the second consecutive month, Kabu’s FX volumes managed to see a sustained growth after a weak Q4 2017.

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The ‎latest results encompass FX trading, which follow on the heels of a successful start to the 2018 year. Indeed, JPY trading pairs have all experienced a healthy range of trading, with USDJPY, GBPJPY, and EURJPY pairs in focus. This was instrumental in driving FX volumes at Kabu during February 2018 – having now seen its volumes rise in back-to-back months, the group looks to recover off its volumes decline to end 2017.

During February 2018, Kabu’s FX came in at ¥34.4 billion ($325.4 ‎million), rising by a factor of 20.7 percent month-over-month from ¥28.5 billion ($269.6 million) ‎reported back in January 2018. The latest figures constitute the highest FX volumes reading at Kabu in the past six months, bouncing a full 60.0 percent off its multi-year lows of ¥21.5 billion ($203.4 million) ‎back in December 2017.

Furthermore, the number of trading accounts at Kabu in terms of securities also managed to score a slight growth in February 2018. However, this climb was muted, coming in 1,084,795 accounts or less than 1.0 percent month-over-month relative to 1,081,846 accounts in January 2018. Of note, this figure does reflect a new high for Kabu.

The latest results at Kabu are on par with other retail FX trading venues not only in Japan but across the industry. Many brokers and venues have managed to score all-time highs with the recent groundswell of trading activity seen in 2018 proving to be a welcome development for the retail space.

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