Italian Trading Platform Directa Sees 53% Surge in 2020 Execution

Italian Trading Platform Directa Sees 53% Surge in 2020 Execution

January 14, 2021

Directa, a major Italian trading platform, has shared its 2020 trading metrics with Finance Magnates, showing significant growth in its volumes. The trade execution by the platform witnessed a massive surge on all exchanges.

The overall number of trading orders executed by the brokerage for the period increased by 53.3 percent, compared to 2019.

Further, the Italian platform detailed that the number of orders executed increased by more than 40 percent on the Italian stock market, while the orders with Borsa Italiana increased by 35.8 percent annually.

The jump in demand for the United States-listed stocks eclipsed the demand within the local market as it saw a year-on-year surge in order execution by 273 percent. This surge could mostly be triggered by the volatility in the stock markets due to COVID-spurred economic lockdown, which turned into a blessing for brokerages.

Trading Demand Surged in All Markets

Moreover, Directa highlighted that the growth in intermediate trading was significant as the demand for the brokerage grew by 17.4 percent, which is almost double the industry growth of 9.6 percent.

Furthermore, the futures demand on the platform spiked across all markets with a 30.8 percent annual jump for Idem-listed contracts, 38.8 percent for Eurex, and 42.9 percent for CME contracts.

Operational since 1996, Directa is one of Italy’s oldest trading platforms, which evolved with time, offering digitized immediate execution services. Similar to any other trading platform, the client activity surged at Directa as new accounts on the platform increased by 33.5 percent last year.

Commenting on the massive business growth, Directa Chief, Vincenzo Tedeschi said: “Directa has done better than the market, and the merit goes to its collaborators, a solid and professional team that has been able to manage the emergency while ensuring high-quality standards of customer service.” 

“The sector is constantly changing, not everyone has weathered the storm unscathed; Directa, on the other hand, has strengthened and is well-positioned to better manage opportunities in this 2021 as well.”

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