GAIN Capital’s Volumes Continue to Climb in February 2017, Up 67% YoY‎

March 9, 2018

GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: GCAP) has reported its volumes for the month ending February 2018, having undergone a better performance across its retail, institutional and futures business compared to the prior month, according to a GAIN statement.

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In particular, GAIN Capital’s retail OTC trading volume was reported at $283.5 billion, an increase of 14 percent month-on-month compared to ‎$249.0‎ billion in January 2018. Across a yearly timeframe, the figure showed a more upbeat picture, rising 67 percent from $170.0 billion reported back in February 2017.

Furthermore, the average daily retail OTC trading volume during February 2018 came in at $14.2 billion, up 26 percent month-on-month from ‎$11.3‎ billion in the prior month. This increase was also coupled with a 67 percent advance year-on-year from $8.5 billion in the year ago.

The metrics of active retail OTC accounts were flat, numbering 133,545 as of February 28, 2017, inching slightly higher by a factor of 0.6 percent relative to a month ago, and by 1.8 percent relative to the previous year.

In terms of its institutional metrics, ECN average daily institutional volume at GTX came in at $16.1 billion during February 2018, reflective of an advance of 16 percent from ‎$13.9‎ billion in January 2018. Across a yearly timeframe, February 2018 showed a more substantial jump of 45 percent year-over-year from $11.1 billion in February 2017.

Finally, GAIN’s futures average daily contracts were reported at 37,596 during February 2018, up 17 percent month-on-month from ‎32,103 ‎contracts set back in January 2018.

On a related note, active futures accounts rose to 7,972 during the previous month, up 0.6 percent from ‎7,924 ‎in January 2018, but were lower by -3 percent compared to February 2017.

Earlier today, GAIN Capital has reported its financial results which showed declines across a number of different metrics.‎

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