Exclusive: Darwinex Extends Offering with US Stocks

Exclusive: Darwinex Extends Offering with US Stocks

May 10, 2021

Darwinex, a UK-based social trading broker and asset manager, exclusively informed Finance Magnates that it has launched stocks and futures trading for its global client base.

The platform is adding almost all United States-listed stocks, along with more than 60 futures contracts.

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Darwinex elaborated that its clients can now trade any stocks listed on NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, ARCA, CHX, IEX, EDGE, BYX, BATS, LTSE, MEMX and even PINK market centers. The supported derivatives are from CME, ICE, IPE, EUREX and CBOE.

The stocks trading support will be added across existing Trader Workstation (TWS) platforms of the company, along with TWS-supported third-party platforms, like NinjaTrader and MultiChart.

“We’ve built and matured front-to-back technology to eliminate friction between capital and talent, thanks in large part to the never-ending support of and feedback from over 5,000 active clients. Graduating our footprint into Exchange-traded products brings our exceptional trading and capital-raising opportunities to a much larger global audience,” Darwinex Co-Founder and CEO, Juan Colón, said.

Expanding Other Features

Furthermore, the broker expanded its order types, which now ranges from basic limit to complex algorithmic trading order. According to Darwinex, this will allow clients to limit risk and improve price and execution.

Previously known as Tradeslide, Darwinex offers a hybrid of social-related copy trading solutions. It is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is now seeking a license from the Spanish regulator to continue its European operations.

Furthermore, the demand for the company’s services recovered from the wide impact of ESMA restrictions on retail leverages. Its revenue for the financial year 2020 jumped by 72 percent to exceed €4.69 million.

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