Broadridge Announces Partnership with Tableau Software

Broadridge Announces Partnership with Tableau Software

November 16, 2018

Broadridge Financial Solutions, a provider of technology-driven solutions to broker-dealers and financial institutions, announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Tableau Software today.

Tableau Software is a US-based company that produces interactive data visualisation products focused on business intelligence. Under the agreement, Broadridge will utilise Tableau’s software to offer its clients enhanced analytics and visualisation capabilities.

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By integrating the Broadridge Investment Management Data Warehouse and Tableau, clients of Broadridge will be able to explore trading and portfolio data more easily and showcase their findings using visual analytics.

Commenting on the partnership, Eric Bernstein, Broadridge’s head of asset management solutions said: “actionable data is at the forefront of everything today. Data aggregation and normalization is a constant pain point for the industry and getting it right for our buy-side clients is one of Broadridge’s competitive advantages.

“Tableau’s visual analytics platform, combined with our best-in-suite software, will provide insights and analytics into trading, portfolio and operations data at the speed of thought.”

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Tableau’s visual analytics capabilities are available now for Broadridge’s investment management clients. This includes prime brokers, asset managers, hedge fund administrators and more.

“As an organization’s needs rapidly evolve, the effective use of data is more critical than ever to ensuring success,” added Kim Minor, Financial Services Market Director at Tableau.

“We’re thrilled to see Broadridge take advantage of Tableau’s open, flexible platform with the creation of this new offering that will help customers gain a competitive advantage with data. This is a powerful example of how embedded analytics can help deliver unique, mission-critical insights to customers quickly and easily.”

Broadridge launches global asset servicing solution

The partnership with Tableau follows on the heels of Broadridge launching its next-generation global asset servicing solution, as Finance Magnates reported in October.

According to the statement released at the time, the solution, which was developed with a global tier-one bank for global asset servicing, aims to address the key industry, business, and operational challenges.

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