BlackBull Markets Collaborates with Commission Junction

BlackBull Markets Collaborates with Commission Junction

July 1, 2021

BlackBull Markets, a New Zealand-based multi-asset brokerage, today announced that the company has partnered with Commission Junction (CJ), a leading affiliate marketing network with over 20 years of presence in the market.

According to an official announcement shared with Finance Magnates, BlackBull is planning to enhance awareness about the key benefits of trading on its platform through the latest partnership.

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BlackBull is planning to take advantage of CJ’s network expertise to increase its reach. Established in 2014, the company has seen rapid growth in the last few years.

Commenting on the latest partnership, BlackBull Markets’ Chief Business Development Officer, Anish Lal, said: “The BlackBull Markets product and services offering is highly competitive in the marketplace. We know this because of the phenomenal growth in market share we experience year-over-year. Clients are moving to BlackBull Markets from our competitors at a startlingly fast pace. Even so, BlackBull Markets can scale further, and we are interested in reaching more traders who may be unaware of the benefits of trading with us.”

“Optimising our growth is an essential aspect of achieving our global ambitions to be the world’s leading multi-asset broker. This is where CJ’s network expertise will be an advantage, and we now expect to reach our client acquisition milestones at a greater pace and with greater efficiency,” Lal added.

Brand Awareness and Growth

Since the start of 2021, BlackBull Markets has formed several partnerships to increase its brand awareness. In May 2021, the broker collaborated with 3-time Kiwi motorsport champion, Tom Alexander. BlackBull Markets aims to provide a better trading experience to traders across the world through the recent partnership with Commission Junction. “CJ can place our brand and unique value proposition in front of the right audience at the right time. Investors around the world are looking for a better trading experience, especially as it relates to customer service. CJ has the capacity to introduce clients to the likes of BlackBull Markets, who are providing that experience,” Anita Hayhoe, Marketing Manager at BlackBull Markets, commented.

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