Airsoft Technologies Teams Up with A-labs to Address Crypto ‎Regulation Needs

March 8, 2018

Airsoft Technologies has collaborated with A-labs Ventures, ‎a corporate advisory firm that helps companies raise ‎capital through a public vehicle, as the ‎brokerage technology developer expands coverage to the ‎crypto world. ‎

AirSoft is a full-service fintech developer ‎with offices in Cyprus and Hong Kong offering forex and ‎contracts for difference (CFDs) trading capabilities for ‎online brokers.‎

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Airsoft was one of the first to develop a web based ‎FX/CFD platform, and was also one of the leading ‎providers to offer a shared wallet solution. The world of ‎online finance trading is now turning to cryptocurrencies ‎and Airsoft is already there. ‎

The joint venture with A-Labs comes to address the regulatory needs as AirSoft plans to launch its own cryptocurrency coin. It also brings ‎transparency and ‘fair-play’ infrastructure to crypto trading software systems ‎that need to comply with the regulatory prerequisites as well.‎

Airsoft has established key strategic relationships with ‎large crypto exchanges that allows its clients to have ‎access to trade leading crypto pairs.

A-Labs Ventures is mainly providing advisory services for digital crowdsales and helps ICO organizers ‎in submitting a full F1 Prospectus filing for a public offering of virtual tokens, aka regulated coin offerings (RCOs).‎

Commenting on the partnership, Shay Benhamou, Airsoft Technologies CEO, said: “Airsoft Technologies has established itself ‎as a leading technology provider in the industry in recent years, and our client base has grown ‎based on the fact that we are always looking ahead of the curve. Crypto is undoubtedly the ‎next big thing in the financial world, and therefore we welcome the cooperation with A-Labs.”‎

Doron Cohen, A-Labs co-founder and CEO, added: “We strongly believe that every ICO that ‎raises funds from the public is a security class ICO and has to be regulated. We work with ‎global companies on Regulated Coin Offerings, and we join forces with other key industry ‎players, such as Airsoft Technologies, to make sure we can provide regulatory compliance ‎across all crypto functions and trading.”‎

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