South Korea is going to ease the ban on ICO

March 13, 2018

According to local media, the South Korean government may weaken the ban on holding an ICO in the next few months.

In September, the Financial Services Commission of South Korea imposed a ban to conduct primary placements.

However, some media outlets suggest that the agency may partially change its decision, allowing the sale of tokens that meet certain parameters.

According to an anonymous source, government organizations discussed the possibility of easing the ban on the ICO by introducing special conditions for their conduct.

Users found a loophole through the ban of ICO

Despite the sanctions, many South Korean crypto investors continue to participate in international projects.

FSC spokesman Kang Yang-soo declined to comment on the situation with the ICO, saying that now the agency is considering "the opinion of a third party".

He also noted that the country's authorities plan to work on the norms that regulate the crypto-currency market in South Korea in order to create the most efficient infrastructure, Coindesk reports.

Author: Vasilisa Ming, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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