Robby Schwertner "Crypto Robby," Tells Us Blockchain Technology is the Best Thing that could happen to the World in His Podcast Interview.

March 17, 2018

Hada Bank Advisor, Robby Schwertner; recently in a podcast reveals his interest in Blockchain technology and how he feels it can affect the world of finance positively.

In an interview with James and Jeremy, the presenters at the Crypto Curios Podcast, “Crypto Robby” as he is fondly called, told us of how his love for Cryptocurrency developed.

He attaches it to his unexpected discovery four years ago of the paper by Satoshi Nakamoto on Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology.

Just like most people without knowledge of Blockchain coupled with a degree in Real Estate and Energy, he assumed it was a chain of building or houses, however, due to his investigative nature he discovered the gems wrapped around technology.

He highlighted some of the features of Blockchain which includes prevention of double spending; that is, only actual value can be transferred not credit. He went further to describe Blockchain as a unique technology which allows for instant transfer of value without any fear of threats.

Robby highlights his primary interest in the Blockchain technology is his: Return to Society, he hinges this on the fact that Blockchain enables even distribution of wealth back to the society.

Hada bank runs a project titled the “Limited Unbanked account”, which allows for the percentage of individuals without a bank account to own and store currency as well as remit funds when needed.

The bank does not take any charge for this service; Robby believes this project is similar to what Blockchain has to offer.

“Crypto Robby” further explained that Blockchain industry is not responsible for the fraud and mismanagement it is experiencing instead the fault lies in the moral hazard that could befall any industry in general.

Stating his view on whether he thinks the Cryptocurrency aspect of Blockchain will die down, He said that, too many people are afraid of Cryptocurrency volatility; he, however, did not fail to mention that this also applies to the fiat currency and sited Venezuela as an example.

“Some banks are concerned about how the Blockchain will impact their business, on the other side many are looking into adopting and implementing the technology within their banking platform and system. The Blockchain is not going anywhere, so adapt and shift your business focus”.

The Cryptocurrency Industry Advisor strongly believes that Blockchain Technology will do a lot of wonders to the world at large in the nearest future.

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