Play2Live: Turning the Passive Gaming Viewer into an Active Contributor

March 11, 2018

Current streaming models for gaming like,, and Youtube Gaming fall short in monetizing their viewers participation. With swaths of entrants to the esports market, topping $105 billion in 2017, these platforms are thus missing out on the curve of innovation. While similar, the Play2Live platform provides a solution to a handful of newly discovered obstacles in this nascent sector.

Principle Problems for Existing Streaming Platforms

According to Play2Live’s whitepaper, the streaming firm offers a solution to the following problems:

  • Limited opportunities for users and streamers to interact and no personalization options.
  • Restriction of users in the ability to earn from their hobbies.
  • Advertising is persistent and usually there is no option to disable it. The users are frustrated with the advertising and try to avoid it in any possible way.
  • Every user who wishes to stream their game and earn from this action cannot do it on a regular basis, while they expect to start earning money just after the registration in the system and wish to have more tools to monetize their streams better.

This second generation viewing platform takes each of these four problems and solves them through a series of monetization schemes. In the case of advertising, interested parties viewing esports via Play2Live can earn the system’s native coin (LUC) for simply waiting patiently through the advertisement. But, that’s just the first step.

In today’s economy, users vote with their wallets. As such, streamers who generate the highest quality content typically earn the greatest number of donations. In providing an avenue for community members to decide whose content is the most relevant, a form of interaction is generated. Immediately users become active participants in the curation of content.

Play2Live leverages this interactivity by making it simple to donate to your favorite streamer. It is here that the platform is at a great advantage:

“The full-blown platform of such scale, facilitating numerous ways of interaction between a streamer and a viewer including a bilateral system of tasks, enhanced content generation process and many others. Compared to the simplistic chat communication and donation options provided by the existing platforms, it is a real step forward in terms of interaction. Play2Live opens possibilities for monetizing the streamers’ content, which leads to a better quality of entertainment and interaction for users.”

The light regulatory status of both egaming and cryptocurrencies also creates a great incentive to better merge the two fields. By sponsoring a native cryptocurrency, Play2Live will thus generate positive attention for egaming and the functionality of a digital token.

Thus, the entire ecosystem is able to monetize from egaming events in creative ways only possible via new monetization schemes. The experienced team backing the venture also means that members joining this next step are sure to break ground.

World’s First Broadcasted Blockchain-Based E-Gaming Tournament

In the first ever execution of the platform, the Play2Live project teamed up with TwoGNation to offer Play2Live CryptoMasters – the first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gaming tournament with crypto prize pool. The 2,000,000 LUC prize pool ($100,000), was distributed between the top four teams: AGO Sports, Space Soldiers, GODSENT, and BIG.

When speaking on the interest in having a crypto prize pool, the co-founder and board member of the AGO team Mateusz Kovalchuk reported the following:

“I think that the cryptocurrency prize pool is a new hot trend. Usually people treat cryptocurrencies suspiciously, but for those who actually understand how it works, it’s easy to find value and benefits of it. That’s why P2L CryptoMasters organizers managed to attract profound teams to the tournament. Majority of them have received personal invitations and agreed to come to Minsk to compete for the token prize.”

The one day event took place in Minsk, Belarus in Falcon Arena and was broadcasted in 16 different languages. The regions spectating included China, South Korea, USA, Germany, France, Turkey, Russia, Balkans, Baltics and Eastern Europe. The CEO of TwoGNation, technical partner and organizer of the event Ignat Bobrovich, explained that for an event of this caliber, the number of languages is more than impressive:

“Only a few esports events are broadcasted in so many languages. We coped directly with 16 groups of streamers. It wasn’t easy, but since it was the world’s first esports tournament with crypto prize pool, it was crucial for us to give the opportunity to see it native languages to as many people as possible, despite their location. Blockchain and esports are the future, and we are sure that there are going to be more tournaments like that soon.”

Play2Live CryptoMasters tournament was the first event broadcasted on platform. To learn more about all the broadcasts, you can subscribe to the official Play2Live channels in social networks and stay tuned.


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