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March 16, 2018

Patientory Stiftung is the parent company of Patientory, a blockchain startup focused on the health sector.

The firm’s brand logo now has an exciting new look, as well as an entirely new leadership team.  The red logo has now been changed to green as a result of a legal battle between Patientory and the International Red Cross organization and the Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Going forward, Patientory as well as its parent company, Patientory Stiftung will no longer use the red color in its brand logo.

The new Executive Director of Patientory Stiftung and Patientory Inc is Mohsen Shafaei, the former CEO/President of Hitachi Europe. He’s also the Vice President of Siemens Healthcare.

Patientory and its parent company will organize their first AMA on March 22, 2018. At the event, the team will discuss its blockchain technology ambition as well as answer various questions from investors such the reason behind its new interface, pilot projects, potential clients, the upcoming Patientory Stiftung  Summit (to be organized on May 31, 2018, in Atlanta) and many other issues.

Patientory Stiftung, the parent company of Patientory Inc, is a non-profit organization established to create new blockchain-based cutting-edge solutions in the health sector.

Patientory Stiftung is primarily interested in distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and decentralized software architectures.

The firm has invested its resources in the creation of blockchain-based solutions that store health records of people in a highly secure manner, using a blockchain powered token known as “PTOY.”

Patientory Stiftung is working tirelessly to develop standards that will boost the adoption of the PTOY blockchain in the management of healthcare information.

About Patientory Inc

Patientory Inc is the brainchild of Patientory Stiftung. The platform uses blockchain technology to bring together doctors, caregivers, and patients within a single secure and decentralized platform. Patientory is aimed at revolutionizing the health sector using blockchain technology.

It will change the way doctors, caregivers and patients communicate and share important health information, eliminating all third parties.

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