New ICO – online service that helps people fill the gaps in their sex education

March 2, 2018

Red Lanterns (RL service) is an actively developing online service that helps people fill the gaps in their sex education. Our product is a free mobile application for finding sexual literacy experts, available for download in the App Store and Google Play Market from anywhere in the world.

During the year of work spent on the RL service development, our team has identified a number of problems and difficulties related to raising the level of an individual’s sex education:

  • difficulties with finding qualified experts
  • low level of confidentiality when using existing online services
  • high commissions, lack of guarantees and transparency in mutual settlements
  • lack of clear service provision rules

Developing the ways to increase the level of sex education with the help of advanced technologies, the RL team came to the conclusion that application of blockchain technology in the existing RL service and introduction of the REDL crypto token as a payment unit would be the perfect tool for solving a whole range of problems. To implement this idea, the RL team decided to bring the product to an ICO in order to attract crypto enthusiasts, Experts, and new application users for further RL service development and community formation.

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