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March 5, 2018

The BetterBetting blockchain-based decentralized peer-to-peer sports betting platform is excited to announce its listing on the reputable crypto exchange, HitBTC.

The HitBTC exchange is a global crypto trading platform that has been operating since 2013. The exchange supports all established cryptocurrencies as well as an array of altcoins.

HitBTC is among the top ten exchanges as per trading volume. With a very stable platform, the exchange enables users to trade established cryptocurrencies as well as ICO tokens.

BetterBetting had a successful token generation event. The platform raised over $5 million during the event that ended on January 31, 2018.

The team has been working tirelessly round the clock to make every aspect of the project work perfectly well and now their effort is gradually paying off.

The CEO of BetterBetting, Adrian Brink said that:

“HitBTC has strict criteria for listing and require an extensive amount of due diligence prior to extending an offer so we are pleased to have established this partnership with them. We anticipate having an active community and an increasing demand for BETR token.”

Other Partnerships

BetterBetting has also established a strategic partnership with the Bancor Network, which is a decentralized liquidity network.

With the Bancor protocol, BETR token holders will have access to unlimited liquidity regardless of trade volume or listings.

BETR will activate a token replay and people will be to trade the tokens at a specific price.

The BETR can also be traded on other exchanges such as Etherdelta, Idex, Waves, and Bisq.

BetterBetting platform is gradually achieving its goal of having the number one transparent, secure and provably fair peer-to-peer sports betting platform.

BETR token will facilitate all processes on the platform and will also be integrated into the processes of other betting sites, globally.

BetterBetting in Brief

The platform was founded in 2017 in Estonia. It’s one of the first companies to integrate blockchain technology into online sports betting. The platform was created by Adriaan Brink and David Vanrenen. Its team consists of experts in the blockchain and online gambling industry.

Its supervisory board members are David Vanrenen, Hilly Ehrlich, and Mitchell Rankin. The advisors of the platform are Jon Matonis, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Jez San, and Eric Benz.

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