Why Lisk (LSK) Is A Rip-Off Below $3

Why Lisk (LSK) Is A Rip-Off Below $3

October 23, 2018

Chart for LSK/USD (1W)

Lisk (LSK) is the popular fork of a cryptocurrency known as Crypti. The ambitious cofounder of Lisk, Max Koredk created the fork version to build his own blockchain for smart contracts and Dapp development. This happened in 2016, the same year Microsoft partnered up with the project for help with its Microsoft Azure Service. Lisk (LSK) recently lost its place in the top 20 league but we believe that is temporary as Lisk (LSK) is a coin with immense potential.

The basic purpose of Lisk (LSK) is to enable even non tech entrepreneurs to build their own decentralized application on top of the Lisk platform. The interface is extremely user friendly and very easy to use. What separates Lisk (LSK) from competitors like Ethereum (ETH) is that it uses side chains. Presently we seem not to have much need for side chains but as blockchain technology evolves and more Dapps are built on a blockchain, the chances of errors will increase.

The problem with single blockchain platforms like Ethereum (ETH) is that if a Dapp running of Ethereum (ETH) blockchain runs into trouble due to poor coding or external attacks, it will compromise the whole blockchain and all the Dapps built on. This is a very serious concern when you consider that the likelihood of that happening is even more significant as Ethereum (ETH) developers first have to learn Solidity language. Solidity being a new language may even have problems of its own and it may not even be the Dapp developers fault while the whole blockchain is compromised.

Lisk (LSK) eliminates that problem by using independent side chains for every Dapp which will not affect operations of the main blockchain. In addition to that, Lisk is written in JavaScript which is a very popular and widely understood language. This means a lot of experts already exist for this language and if any problems do arise with independent Dapps, they can rely on outside support for a quick and effective fix.

While the technology might be appealing, that is not all that makes Lisk (LSK) such a great investment. Lisk (LSK) is currently trading at the bottom of the channel on weekly logarithmic chart for LSK/BTC. If Lisk (LSK) follows the same growth as it did in 2017, the price can reach a high of $377 during its next cycle. This is a stunning 100x return on a relatively safe investment like Lisk. This also makes Lisk (LSK) the best risk/reward investment in the market right now with potential for astronomical gains. The thing with cryptocurrencies like Lisk (LSK) is that most of the gains are made in the shortest time frame, in the form of big long candles. It is hard to anticipate the catalyst for such a stunning rally but as the market turns bullish, we will see most positive news and developments reflect in the price growth of Lisk (LSK).

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