What Crypto Leaders Want For The Holidays

What Crypto Leaders Want For The Holidays

December 5, 2018

Despite the market downturns that have roiled the industry in recent days, the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities have a great deal to celebrate this holiday season. The industry is maturing, bad actors are leaving the marketplace, major financial firms have announced their support of blockchain, and every day seems to bring new and potentially disruptive proposals for using cryptocurrencies or its underlying protocols. 2018 has had its lulls, its ups, and its downs, but 2019 looks set to be a great year for the industry.

I spoke with three crypto luminaries to ask what they’d like for the holidays. Though all three work in blockchain, their respective companies offer very different services for very different audiences, and so their wish lists provide a very broad spectrum of holiday hopes. Some of my correspondents hope for products — the “Market Cap” or the single crypto device — that don’t quite exist yet, but perhaps they’ll be available for holiday 2019! Whether you’re shopping for a holder, introducing a neophyte to blockchain, or just wondering about where cryptocurrency is going, there’s something on this list to inspire you.

  • Kalin Stoyanchev Project Lead at blockchain-based graphics rendering firm RNDR and VP of Distributed Systems and Blockchain at OTOY says:

  • “Holidays for me are more about the food and family, but I also love smaller, more classic gifts. You can never go wrong with crypto-branded socks, or a hat with some of the more popular crypto logos on them (I’d call it the Market Cap). Also, a custom engraved hardware wallet would be great – no one ever said style couldn’t mesh with security. The new Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch is coming out as well, so if any of my friends or family ever reads this, subtle hint.”

  • Eric Piscini, CEO of Citizens Reserve, which recently unveiled its blockchain-based ‘supply chain-as-a-service’ platform, SUKU, says:

  • “For the holidays, I want a single app or device  that stores my tokens, reports taxes on every token (jurisdiction based), allows me to trade them on various exchanges, use them on different platforms, gives me special access to experiences, and most importantly, one that lets me decide how I buy, sell, give, connect, and spend my time or share my information with others. Is this the smart device we will have implanted in 2030? It’s a utopian vision for sure, but this is the kind of thing we need. If this is too expensive or too early, then I will be happy to get more meaningful time with my family.”

  • Oliver Carding, a Co-founder of designer-toy company, Crypto Kaiju says:

  • “My go-to place for smaller priced items and crypto themed clothing and accessories is bitcoinshirt.co. Normally I’m not a massive fan of crypto merch but Pav who runs Bitcoin Shirt puts a lot of effort into designing each item on the site and the items are a lot cooler than competitors. They’ve also got a great range of Christmas decorations. As an added bonus, the site accepts payments via the lightning network. For a bigger gift, I’d always recommend a hardware wallet. It might seem a bit dull, but can you really put a price on security? I’ve used most of the models available and in terms of ease of use and security, Trezor is my preferred brand, though the Safe T mini from Archos is also fantastic.”

Aside from a year-end rally in the crypto markets, what will you be hoping to see this holiday season?

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