Ukraine’s Biggest Conference on Blockchain and Bitcoin- Over 2000 Participants

March 14, 2018

Kyiv will host the biggest exhibition and conference in Ukraine on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and ICOs: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv, which is set to happen on March 29.

This is the fifth year this event will be held, which will bring together investors from Ukraine and abroad, blockchain developers, and organizers of coin offerings.

The conference will gather three dozen speakers, the exhibition area presenting over 70 brands form the crypto industry that offer software or other services that cater to this market. The conference will have allocated specialized streams for each sector: finance, developments and initial coin offering.

Conference Guests

At the conference representatives of Ukrainian Ministers and Departments, including Volodymyr Omelyan, Minister of infrastructure, will address the audience. Omeylan will speak about possible blockchain projects that are related to the transport industry that can be implemented in Ukraine.

Head at State Agency for e-Governance of Ukraine, Oleksandr Ryzhenko, present the role of decentralized technologies have in the eGovernment reform. His advisor, Konstantin Yarmolenko, will participate in the panel discussion regarding the integration of a regulatory sandbox in the country.

The discussion will also involve Oleksii Mushak, MP at Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Politicians will discuss about the possibility of instituting a separate zone in Ukraine to handle the laws that concern virtual assets.

An advisor to the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, David Kiziria, will explain how cyber physical systems can be integrated in the country’s economy and highlight what are the benefits that result from its tokenization.

CEOs and business experts

Experts from international businesses will also speak at the conference. US speaker Edan Yago, CEO at Epiphyte will also make a presentation as well. From UK, Adam Vaziri, Director at Diacle will be talking about the legal aspect regarding blockchain companies.

Swiss business expert Dominik Zynis and co-founder of the Wings platform, will present the advantages of a tokenized economy, as well as providing case studies.

Yuliya Sporysh, the head of CoinIndex, will talk about indices, supporting her presentation reviewing financial data providers. Alina Belkovskaya, co-founder of the VANDAL BlackPapers analytical project, will explain how important is information for ICO projects.

Artem Afian, co-founder of Juscutum law company, will approach the subject of ICO regulation in Ukraine and worldwide.

Marketing and management experts

Aleks Bozhinov, CMO at Crowdholding, will give pointers on how to launch a successful ICO project. His colleague from Bitfury, George Givishvili, will expose what blockchain opportunities can be found in commercial business and government.

Serhii Bondarenko, Senior Consulting Manager for Deloitte, will present what are the difficulties and opportunities that arise for cryptocurrencies in the banking industry.

Exhibition area

The exhibition will feature various cryptocurrency exchanges, electronic wallets, hardware and software for mining operations, trading platforms, decentralized management systems, along with companies that offer project promotion and legal support as their services.

The organizer of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is Smile-Expo, which organizes bitcoin conferences in over 20 countries. The event will take place at the Parkovy Convention & Exhibition Centre, 16a Parkova road, Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine.

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