TRON (TRX) Mainnet Launch Imminent, Prices Suddenly Recover

May 30, 2018

The next significant milestone for TRON would be the Super Representative elections.

Christine Masters,
2 hrs ago


TRON (TRX) is counting down hours to its mainnet launch. At the same time, TRX token owners have until June 21 to send their tokens to exchanges that will support the swap. The TRON hype also coincided with a general market recovery, possibly triggered by automatic trading, which saw prices jump by more than 10% across the board for almost all digital assets.

Justin Sun reminded TRX owners of the timeline for TRON in the coming months:

The market price of TRX has recovered somewhat, adding another 8% in a short burst of appreciation on the markets. TRX reached $0.063, with the potential to be sold again once the official news are announced.

TRX remains the sixth most traded digital asset, taking around 2.3% of all crypto deals - small in comparison to other coins and tokens, but still significant compared to lesser-known digital assets.

But TRX remains one of the most mentioned tokens on Twitter - the project is enjoying great social media popularity. Now, the network will have to prove its qualities, as it launches live in a little more than a day. In the world of crypto coins, almost all networks have had their days of reckoning, despite the initial hype and the purported safety of the intended blockchain.

Almost all leading projects have had their networks attacked, or have discovered flaws. NEO has seen doubts about its verification nodes, which could be taken over to steer consensus with malicious intents. Verge (XVG) saw malicious mining exploits, IOTA has seen a scandal around its hash function. So for TRON, it would take a while to see whether the ecosystem is stable enough to support the promised distributed apps. The system of Super Delegates will have to prove itself trustworthy.

The TRON project, and its founder, Justin Sun, have been very active in marketing and community building, while skeptics saw the project as overhyped. TRON has relied a lot on pointing out every milestone, which caused short-term price appreciation, but also significant corrections following the news. Roughly, the TRON project has had one big milestone each month.