Triangular Arbitrage Today: XLM, BTC, MANA, DGB, NLC2, XRP

Triangular Arbitrage Today: XLM, BTC, MANA, DGB, NLC2, XRP

November 4, 2018

Even though some of the cryptocurrency markets finally show some signs of life, those trends may be short-lived. Triangular arbitrage opportunities are always an interesting option to explore, although users need to do so at their own risk. The following six options are quite interesting in their own regard for today.

XLM (Kraken / CoinDCX / CoinDelta)

As is usually the case with triangular arbitrage, numerous pairs and exchanges are involved. Today allows for a cheap buying opportunity of XLM on Kraken. Converting this funds to AE on CoinDCX and selling it on CoinDelta can yield a very spectacular profit of over 14%. All of the involved platforms have rather low liquidity during weekends, though.

BCD (Binance / OKEx / CoinDelta)

When it comes to buying any currency involved in triangular arbitrage opportunities, Binance is a platform to keep an eye on. Buying BCD on OKEx and converting it to AE on Binance will allow for a big price gap when selling AE on CoinDelta. A gain of 15% is possible when timing these trades correctly.

MANA (CoinDelta / CoinDCX / Bitbns)

Users who have access to Indian Rupees may want to pay attention to the MANA market on CoinDCX. Buying this token and sending it to CoinDCX for conversion to REP will lead to some small gains. Selling those REP tokens on Bitbns will give a profit of roughly 11% compared to the money spent when buying MANA during the first step.

DGB (Cryptopia / Bitbns / CoinDelta)

Even though Digibyte still has a loyal following, its top 25 market cap aspirations have ground to an abrupt halt. Even so, the altcoin is still useful for arbitrage trading. Buying DGB on Bitbns with Indian Rupees and converting it to SPANK tokens on Cryptopia will allow for a three-way arbitrage trade. Selling the SPANK tokens on CoinDelta can yield profits of up to 21%.

BTC (Bitstamp / HitBTC / Bitfinex)

It doesn’t happen all that often triangular arbitrage involves Bitcoin, or two major exchanges. Today is a peculiar day, as buying BTC on Bitstamp with US Dollars lets users convert it to ANT on HitbTC. Selling those ANT tokens on Bitfinex will then lead to a net 15% profit with little effort. A promising opportunity, especially when looking at the currencies involved.

NLC2 (HitBTC / Cryptopia / Livecoin)

For those willing to take a small gamble, buying NLC2 on Cryptopia and converting it to Dogecoin on HitbTC is worth checking out. Especially if that DOGE funds are moved to Livecoin and sold successfully. Doing so creates a 10% triangular arbitrage profit to benefit from. All of these markets have low liquidity on the involved exchanges, though, which is something to take into account at all times.

XRP (Kraken / Huobi / WazirX)

For the last triangular arbitrage opportunity of the day, buying XRP on Kraken and converting it to POlymath on Huobi is an option well worth exploring. Selling those POLY tokens on WazirX will yield profits of up to 10%, which makes for a very interesting opportunity speculators can look into.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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