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June 21, 2018

Cryptocurrency’s fate is currently stuck in limbo, a weird state of affairs it’s been in ever since at least the beginning of 2018, maybe longer. Bitcoin is down 50% on the year, and well below the $10,000 price mark — a far cry from its 2017 high of $20,000 USD.

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However you want to slice it, it seems crypto has hit a rough patch and people are keen on getting a grip on the situation. Presents Bloomberg’s “Future of Cryptocurrencies” wants to help provide investors with a clearer picture of the landscape going forward — pointing them towards Bloomberg’s upcoming “Future of Cryptocurrencies” event.

The event is going to be held at Bloomberg’s London offices on June 29th, 2018. Furthermore, the event is being sponsored by and will cover a variety of topics involving cryptocurrency.

Some topics of discussion will include crypto’s regulatory future, factors causing its price volatility, and potential trading strategies. Discussions will draw upon expert knowledge from a wide range of subject-matter experts that will include more than 200 industry executives.

Indeed, visitors from industry giants such as UBS, Societe Generale and IBM to name a few, are expected to attend.

Jim Preissler,’s CEO, commented on the high profile nature of the event and what it means to the wider crypto community:

“Bloomberg’s involvement in this event illustrates how crypto and blockchain are becoming more and more accepted by mainstream finance.” Continues to Boost Its Brand

While this event is more than just about specifically, the startup is hoping to use it as a chance to showcase its own industry knowledge and technology to the hundreds in attendance. According to’s Chief Marketing Officer, Helen Astaniou, the event will begin with opening remarks from the startup’s CEO and Director of Research and Development — Jim Preissler and John Patrick Mullin respectively.

The event also follows some other big news for, including the announcement that the leading forex broker, FXPRIMUS, would be accepting the platform’s native token as a payment method.

These events and more demonstrate that the fledgling startup is gradually beginning to penetrate the cryptosphere — boosting its brand as its reputation spreads across the community.

About  markets itself as a “next generation financial institution based on blockchain technology.” Or, in other words, it will be a blockchain-based cryptocurrency and digital assets exchange that will facilitate trade with the help of its native token, TradeTokens.

The exchange will be something similar to Binance, which also works on the same native token-based trading pairs model. Furthermore, successfully completed its Token Sale in January 2018 and raised over 31 million USD from loyal participants and community members who want greater transparency in the financial markets.

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