Thugs Threaten Amsterdam Businesses with Explosives If They Don’t Pay Bitcoin

Thugs Threaten Amsterdam Businesses with Explosives If They Don’t Pay Bitcoin

November 2, 2018

Many businesses in Amsterdam received a strange email from unknown people threatening them with explosives if they do not send 50,000 EUR in BTC to their digital wallet. The thugs have given business owners a five-day ultimatum to make the payment, or they will double the amount.

“If we do not receive the amount of 100k within 5 days, we will make sure that you can close your doors. This can be done by shooting a bullet into your facade or tying a grenade to the front door,” the email reads.

According to AT5, a local TV station in Amsterdam, the email was forwarded to multiple Amsterdam-based businesses, including three coffee shops.  The criminals threatened to plant grenades or fire a rain of bullets at the business premises, thus forcing the business to close down indefinitely.

“You probably noticed how many entrepreneurs have had to close their doors recently by order of the municipality. To prevent you from being the next one, you must immediately take action… If we find out that you have filed a report or shared this message with someone else, we will immediately ensure that you can close the doors for at least 3 months. As soon as you get permission again from the municipality to open your doors, we will come again unless you pay 200k,” the email reads.

Grenade incidents in Amsterdam 

There were many incidents involving grenades in Amsterdam. In 2017, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan closed down Club ABE on Amstelstraat in Amsterdam after police discovered a hand grenade in the club’s doorway.

In August this year, a grenade exploded in an apartment building in Diemen, shuttering the windows of the apartment. A few days earlier, a grenade exploded in front of the Marovaan restaurant on Johan Huizingalaan.

Also, in Sept. this year, law enforcement officers foiled what they described as an attempt to commit a major terrorist attack with explosives, a car bomb, and AK 47 machine guns. Seven suspects were arrested in raids led by Dutch anti-terror police.


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