Things Will Only Get Better for Cryptocurrencies

February 22, 2018

Since bitcoin shocked markets with unparalleled gains in 2017, investors are now seeking ways to get in on the next big thing in the blockchain space, which is poised to grow even bigger.

Upset that you missed the boat on the bitcoin craze last year?

Millionaires were minted overnight as bitcoin returned 1,700 percent in 2017, only to see prices crash by more than half since December. The bubble seems to have popped, and not everyone got out in time.

While we may be past the peak temporarily, the cryptocurrency trend is just getting started, and investor enthusiasm is still growing by the day.

While the bitcoin investment boat may have already set sail, it’s likely far from the last huge opportunity in the space. The cryptocurrency and blockchain market is expanding at a significant rate, and there is one unique and simple investment opportunity that could give investors access to a broad spectrum of the space.

The problem for would-be cryptocurrency investors is trying to figure out the next big thing. Now, a new Canadian investment company will figure that out for you, offering exposure to not just cryptocurrencies by also the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF) is Canada’s first blockchain-focused investment company. Bitcoin captured the interest of the global financial industry last year, but it makes up just a fraction of the blockchain market. The recent collapse in bitcoin prices now has some investors nursing their losses and biding their time until the next big cryptocurrency coin emerges.

More importantly, the underlying blockchain technology is an even bigger story than mere crypto tokens.

Global Blockchain offers the best of both worlds. It offers investors exposure to a curated selection of cryptocurrencies, while also opening the door to investment in the blockchain, before the next wave of money rolls into this booming market.

As investors search for profits amid the market disruption caused by cryptocurrencies, Global Blockchain plans to offer a unique solution. This comes in the form of a basket of holdings that:

  • Definitively answers massive demand from investors
  • Will be one of the first ways to find and gain exposure to a wide breadth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies
  • Is packaged in a publicly listed security accessible in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, with Asia and Australia to follow
  • Access to ICOs that investors would never be able to secure on their own
  • Is led by major crypto-pioneers who are ready to make the crypto world a lot less cryptic

Here are 5 reasons to keep a close eye on Global Blockchain, an investment company hoping to become the first-ever vertically integrated originator and manager of startup blockchains and investor in top-tier digital currencies:

1.) Blockchain To Impact Every Major Sector of the Global Economy

Blockchain is automation and collaboration on steroids, with market growth predictions heading into the trillion-dollar territory. The technology is the backbone of the exploding cryptocurrency market, worth a pretty $333 billion today.

There’s likely no industry that’s isolated from being disrupted by blockchain technology.

  • Banking: Seven major global banks have partnered with fintech companies to develop new blockchain technologies, because blockchain and cryptocurrencies simplify so many things in the banking world, from fees for sending payments through middlemen, privacy threats, and security risks to cumbersome lending in the $134-trillion global banking industry.
  • Global Logistics: Blockchain technology is already being used to track global trade and shipments in this $8-trillion-plus industry.
  • Real Estate: This $7.4-trillion industry is also a major beneficiary of blockchain tech. Look no further than the real estate mecca of Dubai, which is putting its entire land registry on a blockchain.
  • Healthcare: The global healthcare IT market, valued at $134 billion last year, is publicly seeking IT solutions from Blockchain.
  • Crowdfunding: Even this $96-billion market is embracing blockchain.

And the list goes on …

“Blockchain solutions in finance are virtually endless … any centralized marketplace that is dominated by a few middlemen is likely to be taken over by blockchain technology,” says BLOC Chairman Steve Nerayoff. The opportunities are mind-boggling.
2.) BLOC Offers Exposure to Blockchain Ecosystem

Global Blockchain has plans to invest in a basket of holdings within the blockchain space, offering investors a slice of profits from the entire shift towards blockchain tech. This innovative strategy would make Global Blockchain the first global investment company with exposure to a wide cross-section of the blockchain ecosystem — all backed by startup equity and token diversification.

The investment strategy also benefits from diversification, lowering risk for investors by balancing more established companies with hand-picked, high-growth potential small-caps. Global Blockchain also plans to diversify portfolios by balancing cryptocurrencies by category.

You can buy it right now from an online broker, and even add it to your IRA or 401K.

Here are Global Blockchain’s planned investments:

But it’s not just about a basket of currencies to speculate on; it’s about the potential of building an investment portfolio based on the token economy — one of the first of its kind.

Here is Global Blockchain’s projected Asset Allocation:

3.) BLOC Led by Cryptocurrency Pioneers

The team behind Global Blockchain isn’t comprised of a bunch of financiers new to cryptocurrencies.

Remember the Ethereum ICO? It’s risen over 220,000 percent. Global Blockchain’s Chairman and CEO, Steve Nerayoff, was not only a senior advisor to Ethereum leading up to its ICO, but was the architect of the Ethereum crowdsale, the way the project was funded. He also was a senior advisor to the Lisk Cryptocurrency project, which now has a $1.8-billion market cap. Nerayoff is an early leader of the blockchain industry, and one of its most important pioneers.

But Global Blockchain’s knowledge base doesn’t stop with Nerayoff.

  • Rik Willard: Cryptocurrency and ICO veteran, co-founder of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society, and an advisor to Luxembourg and other countries’ blockchain initiatives.
  • Shidan Gouran: Cryptocurrency and ICO expert with a long track record.
  • Kyle Kemper: Executive director of the Blockchain Association of Canada.
  • Jeff Pulver: Has consulted and invested in 350 startups.
  • Michael Terpin: Co-founder of BitAngels, the world’s first angel network for digital currency startups. Managing partner of bCommerce Labs, the world’s first blockchain incubator fund. Founded Marketwire, one of the largest company newswires, which was acquired in 2006 by NASDAQ for $200 million.

And it’s not just their blockchain successes and expertise that investors will harness — it’s also their exclusive access to assets that investors would have difficulty investing in otherwise.

4.) Just The Beginning

If and when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approves crypto ETFs for listing on public markets, digital currencies will likely push even higher. Some projections show that as much as $300 million could pour into a bitcoin ETF in its first week, Bloomberg reports.

We’re looking at a potential total current market cap of tokens at $34 billion, and more than $2 billion has already flowed into ICO (initial coin offering) token sales. This is where Global Blockchain comes into play, with their expertise to make knowledge-based decisions on which ICOs may have what it takes to be winners, and how to play the futures. They also intend to balance large-cap holdings with small-cap and emerging cryptocurrencies so investors can benefit from the relative stability of one and the growth potential of the other at the same time.

Global Blockchain plans to become an incubator for new crypto technologies, which means that investors are not just investing in assets — they’re investing in innovation.

5.) Global Blockchain Cryptocurrency Incubator

Global Blockchain also plans to create additional value with its own incubator for new tokens, taking advantage of a major gap in the token world.

Most new ICOs have poor execution after they are developed. This is where Global Blockchain sees an opportunity. They won’t just help new blockchain companies build; they’ll help brand and distribute, taking equity stakes in the cryptocurrency in return.

While the major cryptocurrencies garner the most attention, sometimes the smaller tokens offer vastly more upside. Verge, for instance, with a market cap of $640 million, has offered a return on investment in excess of 200,000 percent. DigitalNote, a small token with a market cap of just $97 million, have offered investors a return on investment higher than 13,000 percent.

Global Blockchain will find and incubate upstart cryptocurrencies so you won’t have to try to discover them yourself. Guided by a team with extensive real-world experience and backed by the world’s top blockchain programmers, this venture holds great promise as the next phase of maturity in an industry that lacks development. With Global Blockchain providing investors access to a basket of holdings within the blockchain space, and managed by a team of industry early adopters and pioneers, investors have a chance to access a market of huge proportions, since blockchain is poised to affect every industry.

New waves of money continue to enter the market, and the next wave could be Wall Street hedge funds. After that, possibly ETFs. And then everyone else. Getting ahead of the wave could be possible with Global Blockchain’s investment and incubator strategy.

Honorable Mentions:

Veeva (NYSE: VEEV) Veeva is one of the most prominent cloud services providers out there, focusing specifically on the pharmaceutical sector. The company’s cloud platform for the world’s pharma companies is more popular than ever before.

After rallying to an all-time high last July, its share price has fallen a bit since. While its bigger brother ‘Salesforce’ has a stronger cash flow, Veeva has seen some healthy profits lately. Analysts now argue that the company might be ‘expensive’, but worth it. With an expected growth rate of 24% this year, it looks like investors will be rewarded for their patience.

Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE: SNE) is a tech heavyweight. From TVs to video games, Sony covers anything and everything media-related. The company’s infamous Walkman was in the hands of every young person throughout the 1980s and 1990s. But Sony’s biggest hit was arguably the PlayStation gaming console.

With over 100-million units sold, the original console sparked a new wave of gaming. The incredible success continued with the PlayStation 2, 3, and the current series, the PlayStation 4. Sony’s PlayStation 4 is now a multi-platform entertainment device, with the ability to stream movies and music, play Blu-ray and DVDs, purchase and play video games, and even browse the web.

Sony’s partnerships and innovative technology make it an appealing investment for those looking for a company with longevity. Sony isn’t going anywhere and is sure to continue its entertainment dominance for years to come.

Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) is an emerging tech company specializing in defense and other government markets. Raytheon’s major selling point is its strong command of cybersecurity. While its specialty is in government-centric markets, Raytheon also develops products, services, and solutions in various other markets.

Raytheon reach is far reaching and its potential market share is huge. Smart investors are looking toward cybersecurity firms early. With the recent high-profile attacks, and likely more to come, cybersecurity companies will be the saving grace of the tech boom.

Secureworks Corp (NASDAQ: SCWX) Secureworks Corp is a company specializing in intelligence-driven information security solutions. Clients are protected from cyber-attacks including hacking, ransomware, and the like. The company’s solutions enable its clients to strengthen their defenses in order to prevent security breaches and detect malicious activity in real time. Secureworks Corp is definitely a great pick for those looking to invest in cybersecurity.

Pure Storage Inc (NYSE: PSTG) Data platforms are also a key asset in protecting companies against cyber-attacks. Pure Storage, Inc is a data platform focused on delivering fast, optimized and cloud-capable solutions for its customers while keeping data security as a top priority. This is another company about which investors can be optimistic.

The Descartes Systems Group Inc. (TSX: DSG): Descartes is a Canadian technology company specializing in supply chain management software, logistics software, and cloud-based services for logistics businesses.

The company is becoming a giant in the tech industry with its visionary leadership and futuristic projects.

Its market cap of over 2.5 billion is evidence of just how big a player this giant is in the space, and should give investors confidence in its ability to take advantage of the coming developments in the technology market.

Kuuhubb Inc. (TSX: KUU.V): While its headquarter is in Helsinki, Finland, Kuuhubb operates in the U.S. and Asian market. This international company is active in the acquisition and development of lifestyle and video game applications. It looks for undervalued but proven applications and extracts long term growth for its shareholders.

In the market of technological incubators this is one of the companies to watch, using expertise to spot value in a market that has seen considerable growth in recent times. The recent drop in its stock price points to the possibility of it being oversold, a promising sign for potential investors

Mogo Finance Technology Inc. (TSX: GO): The FinTech sector is one of the hottest sectors for investors right now, but finding the right company can be tough. Moho may well be one of those company, taking a new approach to unsecured credit. It provides loan management and the ability to tack spending, stress free mortgages and even credit score tracking. The online movement to assist users with finances is one of the fastest growing out there, and Mogo is one of the best in the space.

Its software analyzes clients financial habits instantly, reducing the notoriously arduous process of underwriting loans. The overhead for this company, as with many new FinTech companies in the space, is remarkably low, meaning more upside for investors and more liquidity for dealing with other issues.

Labelled as the Uber of finance, this stock may not have the most attractive story in the market, but there are undoubtedly profits to be made here.

EXFO Inc (TSX: EXFO): There long term growth potential for this tech company is hard to argue with. It has come a long what since its inception in 1985, when it was producing testing products for optical networks. It has acquired and built products including 3G, LTE, IMS and others.

Its new baseband unit offers operators a faster revenue stream and reduces cost, two advantages that can prove priceless in this competitive environment.

The telecom industry is undoubtedly a space to watch, and with product production and acquisition EXFO looks like a steady bet. With a steady growth over the last six months and a market cap of $239 million.

Power Financial Corp (TSX: PWF): Power Financial Corp is not new to the industry, having been founded in 1984 and creating a market cap of over $23 billion. This giant has the added bonus of providing investors with a nice dividend to hold the stock, giving shareholders financial upside while the company moves to take advantage of the latest opportunities in the space.

Power Financial Corp operates three segments: Pargesa Holding SA, Lifeco, and IGM. It is these holdings, which span the United States and Europe, that this giant grew its dominance in the financial services sector.

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