Starsharks Raises $4.8 Million In Private Round

Starsharks Raises $4.8 Million In Private Round

December 25, 2021

StarSharks, a shark-themed gaming metaverse, is pleased to announce the success of its private funding round that raised $4.8 million.

As per the announcement, the funding round saw the participation of numerous investors, including Basics Capital, Binance Labs, 3 Commas Capital, Banter Crypto, AC Capital, Bas1s. Ventures, Momentum 6, Muhabbit, Hyperedge Capital, ICO Drops, Bitcoin Capital, and DAO Maker. Other investors who participated in the event included Everest Ventures Group, Forward Analytics, Fundamental Labs, Labs, Jsquare, Kirin Fund, Krypital Group, Everse Capital, Geekcarptel, UniX, YBB Foundation, Exnetwork Capital, Genblock Capital, KuCoin Labs, LD Capital, MarketAcross, Vendetta Capital, Winkrypto, NGC Ventures, Skyman Ventures, SL2 Capital, Redline Dao, Titans Venture, YGG SEA, and Infinity Ventures Crypto.

Commenting on the funding round, Franky, the CEO of StarSharks, stated:

“StarSharks is dedicated to developing a state-of-art blockchain game platform, with the goal of sharing and maximizing the value of creativity through co-creation. We are grateful to be supported by over 30 prestigious institutional investors and communities who believe in StarSharks’ vision, and we look forward to building the game platform of the next generation together.”  

StarSharks is a community-based gaming ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The team behind the project comprises former star performers from Google, Timi Studio, and Binance.

StarStarks was created to allow its users to create, share and build together. StarStarks’ mission is to ‘explore the infinite possibilities of NFT as a creativity infrastructure, to subvert existing content and value sharing models with community co-creation and sharing mechanisms so that creativity and value can thrive in communities once again.’

Through the platform, players will own, trade, and mate the shark NFT. StarSharks core values include co-creation, universality, and sharing. The platform notably allows seamless transfer of NFTs from one game to another. In addition, the platform has an inbuild leasing system that allows players who cannot afford to buy the NFTs to rent the NFTs.

The platform also has a profit-sharing system developed to build a more robust player community. Other key elements include a sustainable dual token economic system powered by the underlying ecosystem. The dual token system consists of the SSS token used for governance and the SEA token used for gaming utility. 

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