St Petersburg Court Reverses Decision To Block Crypto Website

June 6, 2018

The Vyborg Court no longer considers information on the website “banned for review.” The site historically displayed news on cryptocurrency.

  • On Monday, Russian news outlet Tass reported that the Vyborg Court of St. Petersburg reversed its 2016 decision to block cryptocurrency media site At the time, the city court claimed that cryptocurrencies “do not have certain consumer [protections]” or “lend themselves to state control” but, instead, “promote the growth of the shadow economy.” But the Supreme Court then ordered the lower court to reconsider.

    A representative for the site, Sarkis Darbinyan, disclosed that was just one of approximately 100 different cryptocurrency media sites that were blocked at the request of the prosecutor’s office. According to Darbinyan, the cases were heard and sites were blocked without the involvement of the site owners, who did not receive requests to alter their content and whose appeals were rejected after the sites had been blocked.

    “The St. Petersburg City Court quashed the decision of the district court to recognize the information posted on the website, banned for review,” the press service said. It is unclear whether bans on other sites will be lifted.

    As with many countries, Russia is still trying to lay legal grounds for matters related to cryptocurrency. In April, Russian legislature had voiced support for the regulation of initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency. In May, the lower house of the Russian Parliament passed a bill defining cryptocurrency.

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