In Space’s Prematurity, CCN Temporarily Legitimizes Twitter Scammer

February 21, 2018

Industry media outlet CCN — or CryptoCoinsNews — recently caused ire after one of its authors accidentally and temporarily legitimized a Twitter scam involving a Vitalik Buterin impersonator. The gaffe highlighted the prematurity of crypto media in general. Buterin himself announced his extreme displeasure with the mistake, unsurprisingly. 

Buterin: ‘Ignorance/Stupidity’

A common dictum in the cryptoverse is that there’s a massive shortage of blockchain developers and engineers at present. Well, for the less scrutinized crypto media, the same scarcity applies to writers and editors who are comfortably literate in the blockchain ecosystem.

Such a dynamic seems to be the only explanation for CCN’s fresh gaffe. There is no shortage of talented writers excited to enter the space, of course, but their unfamiliarity with the nuances of the cryptoverse causes new correspondents to routinely land themselves in hot water.

The current fuss came after one of CCN’s writers accidentally legitimized a Twitter scam before the passage was amended. It read:

“[Vitalik] Buterin has a flair for engaging with his followers on Twitter, using the thread to also announce an ETH promotion. Followers up to a certain number who sent a fraction of ETH to a specific wallet address he provided were rewarded between 5 — 7 ETH, which totally enthused his base that may have otherwise been deflated by his sobering remarks on cryptocurrencies.”

To veterans of the space, it’s clear that the writer in question had mistaken the real Buterin with one of the brazen Twitter impersonator scams that promise schemes too good to be true. But Buterin caught wind of the kerfuffle before it was corrected, and sounded off on Twitter to angrily clarify the situation.

For their part, CCN corrected the article after the problematic paragraph came to light. Neither the outlet nor the writer should be crucified for the lapse, but the situation does highlight the growing pains of an early cryptocurrency media industry.

CCN’s apology.

Stakes Are Getting Higher for Cryptocurrency Journalists

Speaking of intensified media scrutiny …

With the CFTC taking action against pump and dumpers, and the SEC seemingly moving toward busting investors and marketers of unregulated ICOs, journalists in the space won’t be immune and are going to be increasingly scrutinized on the basis of their, well, journalism. Or, in some cases, what passes for journalism.

Specifically, quasi-journalists who are really just bloggers acting like correspondents while surreptitiously pumping cryptocurrency projects may find themselves in the wide crosshairs of regulatory watchdogs in the weeks and months ahead.

The grand takeaway, then? Be unbiased, get the facts right, and qualify the unknowns if you’re writing in the space today. The salad days are over for the crypto media, for numerous reasons.

What’s your take? Was this just an honest mistake, or does the crypto media need to be held to a higher standard? Sound off in the comments below. 

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