SIX Reports a Decline in Trading Turnover of -14.1% during October 2021

SIX Reports a Decline in Trading Turnover of -14.1% during October 2021

November 1, 2021

The Switzerland Stock Exchange (SIX) published its trading numbers today for October 2021. According to the report, its trading turnover reached CHF 92.6 billion, which is 14.1% down from the previous month, while the number of transactions plummeted by 6.2% to a total of 4,853,176.

The report revealed that securities valued at CHF 5.6 billion changed hands on October 29, which was the highest volume for a single day. In addition, 277,862 trades were recorded on October 1, the day with the highest number. NESTLE N generated the most turnover with CHF 7.5 billion during the reporting month, followed by ROCHE GS with 270,441 transactions. At the end of the month, the SMI® had risen by 4.0% and reached 12,108.2 points.

A trading turnover of CHF 803.8 million was recorded in October for products with cryptocurrencies as underlyings. 34,651 transactions were concluded involving 115 products. With CHF 93.8 mn in turnover and 3,398 trades, ETPs ABTC on Bitcoin and AETH on Ethereum had the highest turnover and transactions in October.

SIX June Metrics

In the metrics for June, the total trading turnover on the exchange hit CHF 113.7 billion, which is 21.1% more than in May, while transactions grew by 5.1% to a total of 4,786,124. Overall, SIX witnessed a trading turnover that reached CHF 694.5 billion with 33,654,356 transactions. At that time, the SMI® index set its benchmark at 11,942.7 points at the end of June, which is up 5.1% in a month-over-month reading. Additionally, there were 311,612 trades made on June 18, the most trades made on any given day. With a turnover of CHF 11.4 billion, ROCHE GS had the highest turnover during the reporting month.

The stock with the highest turnover for that period was ROCHE GS, which saw CHF 11.4 billion exchanging hands at SIX. Moreover, assets with cryptos hit a trading turnover of CHF 377.3 million with 20,602 trades. As well, during that same period, the most traded crypto-related product was ZXBTAV, which brought in CHF 575 million.

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