Sirin Labs’s Blockchain Smartphone ‎Pre-Integrates ADA Token

February 20, 2018

Israeli startup Sirin Labs ‎has inked a partnership with Japanese blockchain company ‎Emurgo to integrate ADA, Cardano’s cryptocurrency, into the ‎world’s first blockchain smartphone, FINNEY, and its operating system SIRIN ‎OS.‎

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The developer of the SOLARIN ultra-secure mobile phone ‎recently signed Barcelona star Lionel Messi as its brand ‎ambassador.‎ FINNEY devices will be available in market in the second half ‎of 2018.‎

The ADA token will be pre-installed on FINNEY as a choice of ‎payment within the DApp store to offer a truly decentralized ‎experience on the blockchain.‎

The integration bolsters ADA’s presence, now a top-six cryptocurrency ‎by market capitalisation, and follows on a series of listings on ‎exchanges last year, including Bittrex, Binance and CoiNest.‎

Sirin Labs is developing FINNEYTM secure smartphones which will be cyber-‎protected and blockchain-enabled. The project ICO raised ‎‎$157.8 million in the fourth largest token sale in history.

Sirin Labs made headlines last year when it launched its ‎Solarin 5.5-inch Android smartphone, costing nearly ‎‎$14,000. The high price tag is due in part to its ‎innovative, military-grade security and privacy measures. ‎These include a switch at the back that flips it into a ‎cybersecure mode, allowing only outgoing voice calls and ‎securely encrypted messaging.‎

SIRIN LABS has recently revealed an all-in-one PC for ‎the blockchain generation and the crypto crowd. The ‎company’s line of blockchain-based products and services ‎is mainly aimed at the existing cryptocurrency ‎community.‎

Commenting on the partnership, Moshe Hogeg, CEO of SIRIN LABS said:‎ ‎“We are incredibly excited to be able to work with Emurgo on ‎implementing the Cardano protocol into SIRIN OS and our upcoming ‎FINNEYTM family of devices. The availability of the ADA token will ‎undoubtedly enhance the user experience and utility of the ‎FINNEYTMsmartphone, to both crypto enthusiasts and mainstream ‎users.”‎

‎ ‎Ken Kodama, CEO of Emurgo, added: ‎“It’s very exciting that we can work with SIRIN LABS to expand the ‎blockchain industry. Also, it’s great news for the Cardano community ‎that such an innovative smartphone will support ADA.”‎

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