Secretum: A hybrid Messaging and Crypto Trading Platform

Secretum: A hybrid Messaging and Crypto Trading Platform

December 9, 2021

The crypto market continues to witness unprecedented growth. By April of 2021, the total volume of the crypto market was $3.8 trillion. This was made possible by the proliferation of Centralized and Decentralized exchanges. In the recent past, Decentralized Exchanges, popularly known as DEXs, have gained popularity among crypto traders as the most ideal way to transact.

Some of the reasons why DEXs continue to soar in popularity are: First, they require no KYC for one to transact on them. Secondly, transactions on these exchanges are relatively cheaper than on Centralized exchanges. Third, crypto traders in the DEXs retain full control of their assets. Despite all of these advantages of DEXs, there still remain challenges that need to be overcome. Smart contracts breach on DEXs are still widespread. DEXs are also considered to have unfriendly UXs. Some DEXs are also slow when transacting and they offer limited liquidity.

Secretum is an application that is adopting the best of DEXs and creating a hybrid solution that offers the security of assets, deep liquidity, and enhanced User experience. The Secretum crypto trading platform is one of its kind that is developed on the Solana Blockchain. Crypto traders on this platform can trade on both fungible and Nonfungible tokens.

The platform also has a feature where traders can securely communicate with each other on the blockchain through the use of addresses. Signing up on this platform is easy as one only needs to have their wallet address. Once you sign up there is a unique search function that enables you to identify other traders for the assets you need to trade and connect with them.

Being hosted on the Solana network means that it can also support ERC 20 tokens. Solana is also secure and cheaper than other blockchains. The average cost of a transaction on the Solana blockchain is $0.0015.Compare this with Ethereum where the cost can be as high as $50. Transaction speeds on the Solana network are also fast. Solana network supports up to 65,000 transactions per second.

Apart from trading, users can also use this platform for messaging as it is secure and encrypted. Visit the platform to get details on how to participate in the ongoing private sale.

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