SatoshiDice Backs Bitcoin Cash Fund by Donating 100 BCH

March 5, 2018

One of the oldest and best known names in crypto gambling, SatoshiDice, has donated 100 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tokens to the Bitcoin Cash Fund. The contribution was welcomed well by BCH proponents, who considered deed as an indication of support for BCH.

SatoshiDice Resilient Under Bitcoin Cash Only Policy

The gambling site confirmed the grant on Reddit and transaction is visible on the blockchain. The Bitcoin Cash Fund is a non-profit organization formed to fund and promote development of projects using BCH. Its stated mission is to onboard a billion new Bitcoin Cash users within five years.

Last year, Erik Voorhees, CEO of instant crypto exchange platform ShapeShift, said he would dump his Bitcoin Cash at the earliest opportunity. What’s interesting is that Voorhees is also the founder and former operator of SatoshiDice, which only allows BCH on its gambling platform these days.

SatoshiDice’s website even states:

“True to the original spirit of Satoshi vision for a peer to peer electronic cash system, Satoshi Dice only allows players to use Bitcoin Cash. Any Segwit Bitcoin that are mistakenly sent to a Satoshi Dice address will be considered a donation to further the development of Bitcoin Cash.”

Although, Voorhees is no more the head of operations of SatoshiDice after he sold it in 2013.
In 2013, SatoshiDice was in the news for being part of one of the biggest acquisitions of that time, when bitcoin was still in its embryonic stage. SatoshiDice was acquired for 126,315 BTC, which at the time equated to $11.47 million. The payment was entirely made in bitcoins.

Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: No One Wins, Only the Crypto Space Loses

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) have been rivals for some time now, especially thanks to high-profile supporters who fuel the fire. The rivalry has divided the crypto space, with most miners supporting BTC, while several old-time bitcoiners claim BCH to be the chain most devoted to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision.

Just last year in November, Satoshi Nakamoto’s “successor” as lead developer, Gavin Andresen, threw his support behind Bitcoin Cash. The reason why Andresen switched to BCH was that bitcoin’s high fees, which he said were opposed to bitcoin’s core mission — a fast and smooth decentralized payment system.

Will Bitcoin Cash overtake Bitcoin in the long run? Let us know your views in the comments section.

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