Royal C Bank on Why Crypto is Still the Name of the Game

Royal C Bank on Why Crypto is Still the Name of the Game

January 17, 2020

Over the past couple years Royal C Bank has successfully developed its own technology solution that utilizes high-frequency trading (HFT) and innovative technology to uncover trading opportunities.

Its growing team of experts has chosen crypto currencies as their focus because of the fast moving nature of the market, and the opportunity to make excellent profits quickly.

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Presently the focuses on the same traditional technical analysis and apply it to the cryptocurrency markets, meaning strategies such as scalping and swing trading work effectively with cryptocurrency trading.

Finance Magnates spoke with Mason Balcer, the CMO of Royal C Bank for his perspective on the company and its services suite.

How has the popularity in CFDs affected Royal C Bank and do you foresee this trend remaining in 2020?

Our main focus is on Crypto Currencies trading. However, due to this trend we see more and more people who choose to trade.

We believe this trend will never stop, as people understand trading is much better than leaving the money in the bank with today’s inflation.

The world’s financial understanding is increasing constantly, that’s why crypto currencies were created.

Does Royal C Bank Plan on expanding its crypto trading suite in 2020 and what challenges are there for an augmented list of instruments?

We will not expand our trading out of the Crypto market. We spend 100% of our energy at this market to give the best options to our clients.

What makes Royal C Bank unique relative to other competitors?

At Royal C Bank we treat every client like family, to promise that, If our client base grow’s our team grows simultaneously.

With giving 100% of ourselves to one market (Crypto) we bring the best we can to our clients. Not like other companies that are spread their recourses to different directions.

As well to that, we give our clients massive education material at our website with an entire education center- Videos, E-books, news, charts, market cap, and current updated Crypto Currencies leading platforms prices.

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