Revolutionary Lottery on Blockchain for All | Coinpedia

Revolutionary Lottery on Blockchain for All | Coinpedia

February 19, 2021

What is CryptoPrize?

Imagine a world where the lottery is no longer controlled by governments but rather by the players.

A world where players can buy their ticket in cryptocurrency and can participate in a giant lottery every month with $1,000,000 to win!

Let’s discover CryptoPrize, the first decentralized lottery where all the players and holders of the $PRIZE token win.

How the MEGA JACKPOT Works?

Each month, players and holders can buy tickets to participate to the $1,000,000 MEGA JACKPOT (USD value) guaranteed each lottery.

  • 1st Prize: 55% of total amount in $PRIZE (25% direct unlock and 6 month linear vesting to limit impact on $PRIZE market cap)
  • 2nd Prize : 10% in $PRIZE (full unlock)
  • 3rd Prize : 5 % in $PRIZE (full unlock)

BURN : 20 % of $PRIZE

Operations fee : 10%

20% of $PRIZE tokens spent to buy lottery tickets are burned, forever. The more you play, the more you win.

MEGA Stacking Program

There are a limited number of slots to participate in the stacking program.

1 – The Ninja Stacking – 1 Month stack = 40 % APY

2 – The Viking Stacking – 3 Month stack = 100 % APY

3 – The Goddess Stacking – 6 Month stack = 350 % APY

All the stackers get free lottery tickets every months for the monthly lottery, no matter your level of stack.

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