RepuX to Open Token Generation Event to Public on March 6th, 2018

March 7, 2018

RepuX, leading the market as a blockchain-backed big data and AI business applications platform and protocol. RepuX uses a live business data marketplace, also holding the ethos that the platform will always be transparent.

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RepuX has just announced its upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE), which will go live on March 6th, 2018 2pm UTC. Sticking to the strict but necessary KYC and AML standards, having been able to utilize a multi-signature cold storage wallet and issue token funds in set time periods.

RepuX is aiming to connect with businesses and gain global distribution for their native utility token, the RepuX team is well established having over seven decades of combined experience in a number of different sectors, business, software development, and marketing to name a few.

Artificial Intelligence-Driven Applications

This Blockchain-backed platform enables RepuX to give Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) a chance to capitalize on business solutions via the data sharing network. SMEs often don’t know how to optimize the data that has been requisitioned.

Usually it is the lack of resources needed to implement them, on the other side of the spectrum, developers seek out data to feed into machine learning, A.I driven apps enabling any business enterprise to sell information back.

RepuX is enabling a completely fluid resource. By using this SME, it allows the upload of data and can list the potential use cases. RepuX recently announced integration with Bancor to provide liquidity for its anticipated 30,000 tokens buyers for the main sale.

Why RepuX?

According to the World Economic Forum SME’s represent over 95% of firms, account for 70% of employment and contribute 53% of GDP globally. RepuX — which is already live — is here to solve a real problem. Per the Harvard Business Review, individually, most SME’s don’t have enough data or expertise to take advantage of AI. A marketplace like RepuX helps them better compete with the big players.

The Native RepuX Token

As the RepuX token is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum smart contract It comprises the main exchange of value on the RepuX platform. The tokens will enable access to the RepuX protocol, thus allowing for the purchase of big business data and business AI-driven applications and algorithms.

How Does RepuX Work?

Businesses will get the opportunity to sell anonymized data and earn RepuX tokens, using the RepuX blockchain to assign ratings and reputation to the data, which developers can buy to train machine learning algorithms. Developers then re-sell their AI enhanced apps back to enterprises, for better business decision making.

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