Quant Insight Opens Cyprus Headquarter, Expands into Middle East

Quant Insight Opens Cyprus Headquarter, Expands into Middle East

October 27, 2021

Quant Insight (Qi), a provider of quantitative financial market analytics and trading insights, announced on Wednesday its recent expansion across Europe and the Middle East. The company also strategically established its headquarters in Cyprus, positioning it closer to several forex and CFDs trading platforms.

“This expansion marks the first major step in the new growth and development stage of Quant Insight and will shortly be followed by the launch of our cutting edge offering for retail investors,” Quant Insight’s Founder and CEO, Mahmood Noorani said in a statement.

Additionally, the company has offices in London, New York, Boston and Singapore.

Quant Insight is not the first trading company to strategically move its base to Cyprus. Earlier, several other trading-related service providers have moved to the Mediterranean island to stay closer to their client base.

In addition, the island’s position on the map makes it a gateway to markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

“Cyprus was an obvious choice when it came to selecting a headquarters to enable our expansion into this territory, as it is not only an emerging hub for traders, online brokers and retail investors, but geographically it provides easy access into new markets in adjacent territories, such as in the lucrative European and Middle Eastern territories, allowing us to serve investors in cities such as Tel Aviv and Dubai with increasing efficacy,” Noorani added.

New Product

Other than the expansion, Quant Insight launched its new product, iQ, which is its new analytics tool for retail traders.

Furthermore, the company highlighted that the latest expansion in geographies and products came after it gained $10 million in funding.

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