ProBit: A Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Striving to Provide Only the Best

ProBit: A Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Striving to Provide Only the Best

December 3, 2018

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency trading and exchange platforms, some of them are good, others better and a handful that are the best. ProBit is one among the best cryptocurrency exchanges offering the most professional, global and secure marketplace. Under the helm of two experienced founders, the platform is striving to provide the fastest trading engine with top-notch security for digital assets.

ProBit operates with the vision of creating a world-class professional trading platform operating on a global scale. Months before its actual launch, ProBit has built a community that has grown organically to around 25,000 worldwide. With best-in-class security, sophisticated market analysis and trading tools, the platform is turning into a global Coin-to-Coin (C2C) exchange which will serve as the core for ProBit’s upcoming fiat-to-local exchange in different geographies. The latter will be more location specific due to various regulations, and the platform intends to expand its fiat-based operation across the world in due time.


ProBit is a feature-rich platform with a range of offerings for new and experienced traders alike. The platform is highly customizable, with the fastest order matching capability of 1,500,000 per second. It is capable of listing and supporting over 150 cryptocurrencies right away.  When it comes to security, the platform uses FIDO U2F security feature together with 2FA. ProBit also has a secure cold-storage facility which will store 95% of the total assets at any time.


Apart from offering an exchange platform for a long list of digital currencies, ProBit will float 10% of the 200,000,000 PROB native tokens, forming the central piece of the platform. These ERC-20 standard utility tokens will become the preferred method of payment for trading fees, listing fees etc. while conferring various rights to its owners. The PROB token holders will be eligible for the additional referral bonus, voting rights, discounted trading fees, early access to new features and more. These tokens will be first made available through a token sale campaign, allowing interested participants to purchase them at attractive prices.

Based on the holding pattern, token holders receive two different types of memberships – Standard Membership and Premium Membership. Those eligible for the latter will enjoy enhanced token-holding benefits compared to the latter. The eligibility for these memberships will be updated on a daily basis depending on that day’s market conditions.

PROB tokens will not only contribute to the platform development but also enables trade mining. The trade mining concept will be put in place soon after the ProBit exchange launch.  As a part of the trade mining, the platform will generate new PROB tokens equivalent to 80% of the trading fees received in the form of cryptocurrencies other than its native cryptocurrency. The newly mined tokens will be shared with the trader as a reward.

A Unique Model to Drive Activity

The trade mining feature is unique to ProBit, making it stand apart from the rest. The bonus while purchasing PROB during the token sale, discounted fees, and trade mining generates a great interest among the community members, encouraging them to participate more, thus ensuring long-term value for both the platform and its users. Trade Mining will be open for a limited duration, and a certain number of tokens will be earmarked just for this exercise.

ProBit’s token sale and platform adoption model is strategically designed to make the project highly successful. The impending success of the platform can be easily gauged by drawing parallels with another cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform Binance. While there are few inherent differences between the two, the current industry trend and market requirements considered by ProBit during the development and token sale stage presents it as a strong contender to Binance.

The founders guard PROB tokens safely. This is why PROB tokens are never used for bounty or marketing services. The founders of ProBit, Hyunsu Do and Steve Woo bring their years of experience to steer the platform towards achieving its primary goal.  The CEO Hyunsu has a background in engineering, management, and investments along with a strong understanding of legal aspects surrounding fintech and more. He has worked at Kim & Chang – a prestigious Korean law firm and served as COO at B-Seed Partners – a seed accelerator for fintech and blockchain companies. In addition, Hyunsu was also a Judge Advocate Officer in the Korean Navy. Complementing his skills, Steve brings in a strong technical background with 25 years of software industry experience to the board. He was the founder and CEO of Linux International Inc., South Korea and possesses in-depth knowledge of Linux systems, security, DDoS defense and migration, transaction ledger systems and user interfaces. Together, they make a formidable pair to take on, in the rapidly growing crypto-industry.

The ProBit platform is preparing for its launch as well as the sale of PROB tokens this month. In the coming months, the development team will be implementing margin trading feature, which expands its presence to different geographies. Once it is implemented, ProBit will be ready to handle crypto-to-crypto trades flawlessly. Soon, the global offering will be further expanded to introduce regulated fiat-to-crypto services which will be operating within the confines of the local laws and regulations in relevant geographies.  The company has plans to make its presence felt in the EU, USA and Australian markets in the coming years.

ProBit Token (PROB) Main Sale

ProBit is holding the Main Sale of ProBit Tokens (PROB) on December 3, 2018. PROB tokens are never used for bounty and marketing services. 20% of ProBit Exchange profits will be used to buyback PROB tokens.

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