PACT Token Release on P2PB2B Exchange

PACT Token Release on P2PB2B Exchange

January 19, 2021

The crypto exchange P2PB2B has just announced that the team is to launch their utility token PACT at the beginning of 2021.

“We want to thank all those who have chosen our crypto exchange for trading and enhance our community to grow.”

To do this, the P2PB2B team decided to create PACT. The new token has quite a symbolic name that means making a pact between the platform and its users. This “treaty” is expected to result in long and fruitful cooperation for the both parties and enables to unlock great bonuses.

The exchange has an elegant solution that will make the community stronger. This token will carry out several functions making trading on P2PB2B a better experience. For more detailed information about the use and benefits of PACT, keep reading.

What PACT is needed for

PACT gives the Community members a lot of privileges, such as the access to exclusive products of the partners and profitable features within the exchange – earning, staking, fee payment with PACT, yield farming. The list of partners for this exchange includes numerous crypto projects and startups. The number of companies with which the exchange collaborates is growing very fast. This means that the list of unique products available to PACT holders will also grow.

The P2PB2B exchange has developed an outstanding ecosystem resulting in the necessity to create its own token. But PACT is going not only to perform internal functions, but also to give the token holders some advantages:

  • the option to pay commission fees using PACT;
  • reducing trading fees;
  • up to 50% discount for exclusive coin and token sales;
  • exclusive offers;
  • more referral bonuses;
  • getting VIP invitations to participle in events organized by partners of the exchange;
  • extra earning opportunities bringing up to 30% APY.

This is only a preliminary list of bonuses available to PACT holders. It is expected to grow in the future with the release of NFT tokens collecting achievements and upgrading the rank of account.

The release date and how to get PACT

The PACT release will be conducted in three phases: Unity, Launch, and Expansion. Unity means the initial distribution of PACT between the P2PB2B Community members. It starts on January 19, 2021. The following steps, namely, the launch of the ecosystem and trade start are coming soon.

To get 100 free PACT, it is needed just to create an account on the exchange. For each person who has signed up using a unique referral link and requested PACT, the user of the ecosystem will receive extra 50 tokens as a bonus. Besides, more PACT tokens can be unlocked as quest rewards. All you need to get them is to complete some trading related simple tasks.

For Community members only!

Please note that receiving PACT is an exclusive feature available just for the P2PB2B Community members. But it is extremely easy to become one of them. Just create an account on the exchange and press Join the Community button on the PACT page.

The PACT token enables P2PB2B users to select and apply the most comfortable strategy for earning money. Use them for trading, getting commission discounts, earn more money with increased rates, take part in events organized by partners of the exchange. It is fully up to you how to apply your welcome bonuses!

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