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March 2, 2018

Quantum Computing is About to Take the Cloud into Orbit with NUZDAH

The last few years have seen programmers take center stage of what is known as the “it” factor, “cool” and the “in-crowd.” Programmers are currently hailed as rock stars. They get paid massive salaries, they can do no wrong, and their work is prized as egalitarian—of the world and free from harm. They can only do good, and their goal is to do good with every keystroke.

Well—Do you know who has an even greater and more colossal impact than the rock star programmers themselves? Answer: the movers and shakers of the public cloud infrastructure. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM and other have become champions of data by being the biggest players in the game.

This has been bolstered by open source software like Node.Js, the NODE-RED project, and mothers. In the last six months alone, NODE-RED is now the most popular work-flow and data management tool, with 40,000 downloads and more than 1,000 pallets of open source material.

That’s why, right now, the integration of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things through NUZDAH’s new block-chain technology is about to change forever.

With NUZDAH, programmers will have access to better resources than ever before, empowering them to create faster and faster.

NUZDAH is creating an unparalleled level of systematic connectivity between artificial intelligence systems and Internet of Things across all small and medium sized businesses—and, at the same time, creating an investment opportunity that has the potential to see a meteoric rise just like Bitcoin.

NUZDAH’s NodeCM.IO is set to emerge as the premier Internet of Things for everyone, lending device management, connecting protocol, cloud solutions, data management, and programming to all small and medium-size businesses via NODE-RED, MQTT Broker and AWS IOT technologies.

This will help proliferate software as a service applications for small and medium-size businesses that want to use their devices to access quantum computing resources.

This is the new tool of empowerment for IT staff members like System Engineers, Architects and Help Desk personnel, which amount for about 70% of the IT labor force. Consolidating these tasks can help companies of all sizes leverage their IT services, even in countries where IT is currently nonexistent.

Many experts are pointing IOT to being bigger than as important as the Internet to daily life.

We’re sure that interconnected Internet of Things and AI systems sound like a good idea to you. What if you could profit off of their mere existence?

We’ve all heard this before: If you had invested $100 in Bitcoin in 2010, you’d have over $100 million today. Now, if you are at all unfamiliar with the massive spike in market value that has happened to Bitcoin, what you need to understand is that the value of Bitcoin is only speculation.

If you are any kind of veteran investor, you know that the most important way to navigate the cryptocurrency market is to get behind the best appropriations of block chain technology—and not the coins with the greatest volatility.

It sounds like a super powerful technological behemoth of the future, and even though investors from all the world are starting to get involved for the first time, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that The NUZDAH could completely change the entire world’s use of technology over the next 1 to 2 years.

Current technology solutions are reaching their limits. By appropriating block train technology to foster a quantum computing level for the implementation of Internet of Things, which is set to go from the current market valuation of $4 trillion-$11 trillion by the year 2025.

If that sounds like an investment you would make, now is the time to make it.

With NUZDAH’s upcoming ICO, you can get special discounts on tokens, and get in on the ground floor of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence before it’s too late. Each NUZDAH Token will be used as an exchange for AI and Internet of Things data—which will only increase in use and value over time.

When programmers have the tools they need to succeed, our world can progress technological advances faster. Investing in NUZDAH is like investing in the future of technology itself—and you can guarantee that humanity will be using technology long into the future.

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