NFT Inspired on Christmas Tradition “El Caganer”: is set to Drop Soon

NFT Inspired on Christmas Tradition “El Caganer”: is set to Drop Soon

December 20, 2021

Barcelona, 20th December 2021 – Dirtypigs, a metaverse NFT digital art marketplace for influencers, businesses, and organizations is gearing up to launch a new NFT to watch out for, known as APE THIS. Every collection at Dirtypigs are machine-learning powered that is a generative art in collaboration with top international organizations and influencers globally. Now, it is preparing to drop a NFT inspired by the Christmas figurine by the Catalans called APE THIS that will deem to be part of the rich collection of DirtyPigs, all possible because of blockchain technology.

Dirtypigs’ NFTs are built around a machine learning framework that can generate algorithmically and enables thousands of NFTs to be minted under the Ethereum BlockChain. All NFT pieces made by Dirtypigs are more than just a simple avatar; but a rare piece of art that serves as a unique digital identity and generates access to a wide range of exclusive privilege club offerings that is expected to escalate over time. And to further step into multiple realms beyond the digital world, the APE THIS NFT launch will open a greater community of collectible owners who share the same vision of championing awareness that is attributed to a unique cause.

The El Caganer figurine can be traced back into the popular Christmas markets in Catalunya that is widely recognizable as a traditional feature in the nativity scene, believed to have appeared in the early 18th century. It is characterized in an unusual position of a crouched man facing the call of nature just as how the word ‘cagener’ is translated as ‘pooper’ in Catalan. Nowadays, this figurine comes in various types and designs, yet the typical El Caganer wears a Catalan hat called ‘barretina’ and a white shirt, while holding a pipe between his lips. The non-exhibition of the figurine is considered to bring misfortune, thus, making every purchase an act of wishing luck and happiness.

The initiative of Dirtypigs launching an El Caganer inspired NFT represents how the brand does not solely focus on being an all-inclusive NFT marketplace, but rather make an impact in the community and digital world positively by bringing a collection that is attributed within an inspiring culture rooted from the illustration of traditional elements in Catalunya. Upon completion, the APE THIS NFT will be successfully minted through Dirtypigs platform very soon.

About Dirtypigs

Dirtypigs is the hub for all NFT digital art that pushes boundaries and movements within the metaverse for influencers and businesses. It crafts digital identities and even apparel through generative art to build collections that are pushed through philanthropic endeavors. The NFTs under it takes approximately 200 design trait layers that are critically crafted to design a batch of Digital Avatar permutations and become a limited-edition collectible. They are also verified and managed by the Ethereum contract and can be purchased with ease through multiple payments while being accessible anytime and anywhere.

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