NFL Star Rob The Gronk Gronkowski Nets $1.8M in NFT Sales on OpenSea

NFL Star Rob The Gronk Gronkowski Nets $1.8M in NFT Sales on OpenSea

March 15, 2021

An NFT “drop” by National Football League (NFL) star Rob Gronkowski has generated over $1.8 million in primary sales, according to a report from CoinTelegraph.

The Rob Gronkowski Championship Series NFT Collection was put up to market on NFT platform OpenSea on March 11th. The collection includes five digital “cards” that depict some of Gronkowski’s most famous in-game moments. Each of the moments was taken from a championship-winning game.

Of the five non-fungible token collectibles, only one was totally unique. Dubbed the “GRONK Career Highlight Refractor Card”, the NFT represents a collage of the four illustrations that make up the other four tokens in the Championship Series collection. The unique card is digitally signed by Gronkowski.

4 hours left for my Career Highlight (1-of-1) Special Edition Card!! This NFT includes tix to 1 of my games, a meet & greet, plus an All Access Experience at Gronk Beach…Who’s gonna take it home & spike this baby?! @3lau @JohnLegere @CeoPaoloSanto

— Rob Gronkowski (@RobGronkowski) March 14, 2021

According to CoinTelegraph, “the token’s purchaser will receive the opportunity to meet the star, in addition to two tickets to attend one of his NFL games in 2021, and VIP tickets to Gronkowski’s next beach party event.” Bidding for the unique token started at $110. Eventually, the token sold for roughly $430,000 in Ether (ETH).

87 copies of each of the remaining four NFTs were minted and sold in the OpenSea auction, which took place between March 11th and March 13th.

Some of the tokens acquired during the initial drop have already begun changing hands in secondary markets. A “GRONK Championship LI” token sold for roughly $26,000. One of the “GRONK Championship LV” sold for approximately $14,000 since the initial NFT sale.

The NFT explosion is taking the cultural world by storm

The Gronk’s NFT sale is the latest example of a growing number of multi-million-dollar NFT auctions for everything–from art, to music, to sports, and more.

Last week, Finance Magnates reported that a digital artist known as ‘Beeple’ sold a single NFT video for $6.6 million, also on Nifty Gateway; another token tied to an incinerated Banksy painting fetched $380K on OpenSea. Since then, another of Beeple’s NFT works has sold for $69 million.

Musicians are also getting in on the game. Latin-trap star ‘Ozuna’ recently made $800,000 on an NFT sale. Kings of Leon released a ‘tokenized album’ earlier this month. So far, the album has netter about $2 million. DJ Deadmau5 launched $100,000 worth of NFT collectables in December of 2020. Artwork by Canadian musician and visual artist Grimes earned $6 million in early March.

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