NEO News Roundup October 23; Trinity Roadmap, nOS Partnership and More

NEO News Roundup October 23; Trinity Roadmap, nOS Partnership and More

October 24, 2018

The NEO network continued to grow during October. The NEO MainNet launch celebrated its 2-year anniversary, Trinity made some changes to its roadmap and nOS signed an important partnership.

NEO MainNet Anniversary

Back on October 17, 2016, NEO launched its MainNet. Since that moment, several milestones have been achieved. One of the most important things is related to the number of projects being deployed on NEO. According to NEO’s official site, there are currently 52 different projects working on top of the NEO network.

Some of these projects are Trinity, Alphacat, DeepBrainChain, Thekey, nOS and Switcheo Network, among others.

Back in July 2018, NEO entered the era of decentralization and developing the NEO 3.0 network. In January this year, NEO held the first DevCon in San Francisco. In 2017, NEO finalized its NEP-5 token standard and launched the first NEO Developer Competition.

There are several projects that are being developed on NEO and the team is working in order to decentralize the network even more.

At the time of writing, NEO is the 15th most valuable crypto asset in the market. It has a market capitalization of $1.08 billion dollars and each NEO token can be purchased for $16.55 dollars.

nOS Partnerships with Data Access Worldwide

nOS recently announced a new partnership with Data Access Worldwide. The main intention behind this association is to bring decentralized applications to the enterprise market. Data Access is a software development company that works with important firms all over the world.

This partnership will allow both companies to integrate their technologies and perform research and development activities. In addition to it, both organizations think that they would be able to reduce the complexity of business developments. This would lower development costs and time to deploy applications faster.

At the moment, the nOS project is in the final round of its nOS token sale which finishes on October 22.

Trinity Changes Roadmap

Trinity has announced a few days ago that it will be making some changes on its roadmap. David Li, the founder of the Trinity Platform, held a live Q&A session to address the community on the matter.

Apparently, the new roadmap will be focusing on ‘network health.’ This is related to an increase in the number of nodes and a plausible economic model.

In an open letter, he addressed the community about it:

“The new roadmap will focus on network health (more nodes, easier to access and customize and plausible economic model), among other exciting things. This will be the core of the next 12 months, given the understanding that the success of Trinity network is built up by genuine adoption. We also acknowledge that we should give time for other entrepreneurs to catch up.”

At the same time, Li explained that the products and platforms are not ready for commercial adoption. The priority is not to list TNC tokens on exchanges. Instead, the company wants to create products viable for users.

Additionally, he has also talked about decentralization and that the Trinity Tech Foundation is decentralizing the supply of tokens. This would have a clear positive effect on the whole network.


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