The MoneroV hardtop is behind schedule

March 11, 2018

Hard-wars are long-awaited events in the crypto-currency industry. They often offer the opportunity for holders of original coins to receive for free an equivalent number of new ones. This increases the cost and levels of investment in the original coin. Monero is going to release MoneroV, but the team postponed the launch process for another six weeks.

According to the blog post, the MoneroV team stated that the date of the snapshot snapshot will be delayed until approximately 30 April. Growing demand and expectations from users, trading platforms and large mining pools caused a lot of negative comments.

What are the problems of MoneroV

The message said that the owners of XMR exchanges will have to list MoneroV or XMV. This will require additional time for processing and implementation.

Previous hartforki, such as Litecoin Cash, were not as successful as they could be due to the confusing and risky process of applying for free coins.

If exchanges already support a new fork, then more people will benefit from this, which will lead to large-scale distribution, use and investment. This will be useful for both the Monero network and MoneroV.

There was also some confusion about Monero's own software updates, due in March.

At the same time, postponing hardfork helps both Blockchain. Mining pools require more time to prepare for the event. This ensures that the XMV will be more stable during the break.

The team also warns of possible fraud and phishing attempts that will occur as the fork approaches. The management stated:

"We will never ask you to register on any form or website that promises" airdrop "from MoneroV. XMV coins will be copied from the XMR purses during block snapshot. You should never enter your secret keys into any website, software with closed source code, Google form or anything else, except for the official MoneroV GUI purse with open source. "

Over the past month, Monero has been successful when many other crypto currencies have fallen. Prices are likely to continue to go up as far as the approach of the hard-core.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News
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