Love Pharma Ushering in a New Era of Alternative Health Products

Love Pharma Ushering in a New Era of Alternative Health Products

November 8, 2021

Alternative medicine and health products have had a very successful decade thus far. From stars like Gwyneth Paltrow introducing the world to interesting alternative health offerings to the legalization of certain alternative medicinal options, this industry is on track to only get bigger. 

But far from a fad that has been peddled by movie stars or a trend of the 2010s, there are innovative new products that explore what things like CBD and psychedelics can do to improve the health of consumers. 

The Alternative Revolution 

The 2010s did not only see more public visibility regarding alternative medicinal products but also for mental health. Last year, amidst the global pandemic, mental health has been in a decline around the world and this has also seen these markets explode in growth. 

Love Pharma, an alternative medicine company that has recently been listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange after seeing two of its product lines, ” Bloom” and “Auraleaf” dominate the market.

The holistic company has the rights to several alternative medicine products and after succeeding in the North American market, is looking to move into the rest of the world. 

While a lot of CBD products and psychedelics have had the reputation over the years of being associated with the seedy underground, companies like Love Pharma are changing this. Far from shady, their products go through rigorous testing and are sold in attractive packaging. 

Bloom, for example, is a topical gel that increases blood flow and sensitivity. Auraleaf, on the other hand, is a strip that enhances the effects of CBD and THC.

After seeing such a positive response in North America, Love Pharma has bought out t BC-based Kick Pharmaceuticals, which now give it the right to develop six CBD and THC-infused products in Europe as well. 

New products are also to be introduced as these new markets are explored. 

First, the company intends to invest heavily in eCommerce efforts, MLM, direct-to-consumer, and so on. A partnership with  Love Hemp, a CBD producer, has also been announced recently. 

While the CBD sector is firmly established these days, the psychedelic goods sector is still on the rise and Love Hemp intends to take full advantage of this. The company has announced the upcoming launch of a biosynthetic psilocybin-infused strip to corner this market. 

There are also plans to expand into the intimacy market, with a number of enhancements coming soon. These will go beyond the traditional performance boosters or dysfunction treatments.

Love Pharma’s intimacy enhancers will also aid circulation and offer anti-inflammatory benefits.

Alternative Health Taking its Place

A decade ago, it would have been hard to imagine CBD and THC-infused products being as mainstream and socially accepted as they are now.

But companies like Love Pharma are steadily leading the way by putting out products that explore the capabilities of CBD and THC in a way that is both healthy and beneficial to the consumer. 

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