Ligercoin Revolutionizing the World of Online Gaming and Casino

May 26, 2018

The Ligercoin team is poised to make online gaming more transparent, and exciting with their blockchain solution.

The super volatile world of blockchain-based virtual currencies have been going through a lot in recent times. From the exciting price surges to hacks and bloodbaths. Bitcoin remains the clear leader for now, but other altcoins are catching up real fast.

There have been countless token generation events and initial coin offerings so far. However, just a few of them have been successful. The Ligercoin team has seen a loophole in the market and have developed the Ligercoin to solve this problem.

Ligercoin is based on the Ethereum smart contracts blockchain and it is focused on making online and offline gambling safer and more transparent.

The offline Casino market is estimated at about $240 billion, and there are approximately 7000 Casinos globally, and these numbers are expected to keep growing.

The fantasy sports industry is another fast emerging world, with an estimated growth rate of 25 percent CAGR. 55 percent of the players have an average annual income of $75,000, and they spend $556 on the average on gaming.

When we consider the above statistics, we now understand that Ligercoin has chosen the right industry to function in.

Ligercoin is looking to tame market volatility with its unique staking system. Casino players will be able to stake their Liger and win big.

The prize won will be distributed amongst all players, according to the amount they staked. A small percentage of the Liger is burned, this reduces the supply and increases demand and price.

Ligercoin also has a wallet that makes it easy for players to bet on an offline casino in Vegas straight from their homes.

Ligercoin is built to be stable. In the near future, its adoption will increase drastically due to the easy synchronization between online and offline Casinos.

Ligercoin has a team of experts from many fields of endeavors including media, sports, financial services industry and more.

Their technical expertise with BI and BA in so many firms will make the Liger project a huge success.

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