Julien Mabit Joins Muinmos as Customer Success Director

Julien Mabit Joins Muinmos as Customer Success Director

August 10, 2021

Regtech firm Muinmos, which specializes in automated regulatory compliance, has hired Julien Mabit, who was previously with the Global Kapital Group, as its new Customer Success Director. He joined the company earlier this week.

“I am proud and excited to announce that I am starting a new position as the Director of Customer Success at Muinmos,” he wrote in a Linkedin post.

Customer Satisfaction Is the Key 

He is bringing over a decade of customer relations experience to his new role. He even spent many years in the specific trading industry as well.

He spent most of his working years with the Global Kapital Group and its subsidiaries. He first joined GKFX in July 2014, making his debut in the trading industry. He climbed the hierarchical ladder in the Turkey-headquartered brokerage operator and parted with it as a Senior Business Development Manager.

In between his tenure with the GK Group, he had a year-long stint at the London Capital Group as well as a Senior Business Development Group Manager.

Apart from the trading industry, he spent years in the sales and marketing department of several companies in the fields ranging from manufacturing to events.

“It’s been 6 long years since I began to work at Global Kapital Group. I have been a part of its global journey to the top; proudly given it my time, knowledge and hard work. The more responsibilities I shouldered, the stronger I became over the years,” Mabit added.

“I was blessed to join work with great colleagues, some that I consider my mentors and some that become my friends and I feel really lucky that I was able to work with them over those years.”

Earlier in April, Muinmos onboarded Emil Kongelys as its new Chief Technology Officer.

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