Goldmoney Adds Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash to Cold Storage Vault

February 28, 2018

Goldmoney Inc. (TSX:XAU), one of the biggest precious metals ‎storage firms, has announced the addition of vaulted Ethereum and ‎Bitcoin Cash as secure and fully-reserved offline investable assets ‎within Goldmoney Holding. ‎

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This move allows qualified clients to purchase the supported ‎cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies, or even precious metals, which ‎offers insurable, auditable and anti-money laundering compliant ‎exposure to the virtual asset class. ‎

Goldmoney said in a statement it leverages its own expertise in precious ‎metals custody to deliver a security solution to cryptocurrencies. ‎‎“Securely stored in cold storage, client cryptocurrency holdings are ‎password protected and shielded from being used in hot wallets or ‎blockchain-based third-party transfers,” it noted.‎

Originally, Goldmoney has been offering precious metal investment ‎services and payment networks. Established in 2001, the firm is ‎currently holding $2 billion worth of precious metals for customers located in ‎more than 150 countries. But as the hype around cryptocurrencies ‎has grown over the past few months, Goldmoney has rolled out ‎vaulted Bitcoins in September 2017, offering institutional-grade custodial services for ‎blockchain assets.‎

Goldmoney Holding clients can now buy and sell Bitcoin and ‎Ethereum safely and keep the coins secured in cold storage, with more tokens or ‎currencies to be added in the months ahead. Bitcoin Cash will be added in the coming ‎weeks.‎

The Toronto-based firm offers its crypto services through a spin-off business called ‎Netagio, which offers a cold storage solution for coins.‎

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