GG World Lottery: More than Just Winning a Jackpot

GG World Lottery: More than Just Winning a Jackpot

October 24, 2018

The gambling industry is full of different ways of generating revenue for its investors, but at GG World Lottery, every stakeholder has the potential to tap into multiple revenue-generating avenues.

To start with, GG World itself is based on the new and innovative blockchain technology, making it one of a kind. The use of DLT enables streamlining of the entire process while imparting additional transparency, security, and reliability. Unlike any other DLT lottery and gambling projects, GG World implements True Random Number Generator (TRNG) based on natural randomness using principles of quantum physics for assured fairness. With a strong team, solid technical framework and a robust business model, GG World is set to introduce the state-of-the-art technology into old-school government and private run lottery programs which haven’t seen significant upgrades over decades. With GG World’s infrastructure, lottery providers will get the much-needed boost to retain their dwindling customer base and also onboard millennials and Gen-Z users who believe in a mobile-first approach. All these factors translate to higher revenues to the operators.

But, GG World’s model is not limited to lottery operators but also investors and users. As the company prepares for its upcoming ICO, it has set in place multiple earning models for the community.

Lifetime Dividends

GG World has a dividend policy that enables token holders to gain a share of profits, based on the jackpot wins. These dividends are shared on a quarterly basis and the amount paid-out is directly proportional to the number of GGC held by token holders.

Token Value

GGC is for all practical purposes, similar to any other cryptocurrency in the world. In addition to revenue share, token holders also have an opportunity to trade it against other fiat and cryptocurrencies on global crypto markets. GG World’s business model is designed to cater to lottery operators across the world, both government and private. The scale of adoption, already established by GG World’s collaborations with various government regulatory agencies is set to rise, which will, in turn, increase the demand for GGC among investors even after token sales.

Charitable Lottery Operations

GG World is a social-conscious company, which has made necessary allocations to support the overall development of the regions they operate in. This is achieved by contributing a substantial percentage of revenues to selected charitable institutions in the geography, which is in addition to the revenues shared with the respective governments under the agreements.

GG World has a dedicated section where charities will have to create a profile of their projects. On the profile, the charity organizers will have to outline their project’s challenges, successes, and goal or mission. From GG World, the charity organization will receive exposure which will come in handy when raising funds. Furthermore, citizens, families, friends, and entrants must name their favorite charity operating in their countries. Through its system, GG World will be able to support these organization in several countries.

Affiliate Program

The GG World affiliate program is designed to encourage community building while offering additional benefits to participants in the token sale. The easy-to-signup affiliate system can be accessed while signing up on the ICO website. The affiliate link thus obtained can be shared with others, generating leads. The platform has 5% of its total token supply reserved for rewarding the affiliates. As an affiliate, the participant will receive a 5% commission from the sales generated through their lead.

GG World is aiming to revamp the lottery industry in some of the emerging economies in Asia, Latin America, and Africa while giving back to the community. It brings in an online and mobile-first component to regular lotteries, helping them transition from paper-based lottery systems to reach more audience while reducing infrastructure costs and other expenses including intermediaries.

The private sale is live now, and the ICO is set to go live on November 2, until January 31. More information about the GG World is available on the website and its official Telegram Group.

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