Gawooni Triggers The Game Industry’s Next Evolution

March 10, 2018

GAWOONI is a well-known game development company in the Asia-Pacific region. It is quite renowned in the Indian, Chinese and Indonesian markets. It create games for both, the mobile as well as the desktop versions. The company’s primary focus at this point is to emerge in the South Asian and South American markets in the year 2018. Gawooni aims to revolutionize the gaming industry through their ecosphere for gamers which functions on the basis of the in-built token and coins which are currencies in the games ecosphere. The currency developed by Gawooni can be utilized by gamers in the community for all games and activities present on the platform.  The currency is known as GWON or Gawooni coins. Gawooni intends to serve both, B2B and B2C customers in the gaming community. The individuals who choose to opt for the Gawooni platform are subjected to a range of benefits. Some of the benefits include a user-friendly interface, easy accessibility, wide range of games, enormous gaming community as well as involvement in game development.

Games To Be Launched

Gawooni is set to launch quite a few games in the year 2018. Some of the games have been mentioned below:

  • Naval Rush – Naval Rush is an intense action game set in the virtual world of untamable high seas. The gamer plays as the captain of the ship and is required to battle numerous enemies in order to progress in the game.
  • Crossy Rush – This game allows a gamer to master the traffic in the most famous intersections around the world. The game has been created on the basis of the input received from the gaming community.
  • World Street Domination – This is a traditional arcade action game created to satisfy the generic needs of every game enthusiast. It involves intense action and it is set in an interactive environment. The game features engaging gameplay which is guaranteed to keep a gamer hooked. The game revolves around several locations from the real world such as the streets of Mumbai, Tokyo, New York, Bangkok, Shanghai and several others.
  • Tuk Tuk Rush – The game is set in the beautiful land of Thailand. It allows a person to explore Thailand, in the most common mode of transportation in the country, i.e., the tuk tuk. A tuk tuk ride is always a thrilling experience and Gawooni wanted to bring that experience to its gamers. The game already has a good fanbase as it is followed by more than 70,000 gamers on Facebook spread across Asia, who eagerly await first-hand information about any update with regards to the game
  • Jungle Rush – This game is based on endangered animals. The primary purpose of this game is to raise awareness in the gaming community with regards to endangered species. There are ten endangered species in the game and it offers the gamers an interactive experience with animals. Jungle Rush was created with the help of several animal welfare organizations around the world.
  • Casino Rush – Casino Rush is a slot machine game created by Gawooni. One of the main attractions of this particular game is that the coins won by players can be utilized by them for other games present on the Gawooni platform.

Gawooni is set to experience growth at a rapid scale as time progresses. It is definitely going to become more widespread in the future. Plus, the in-built currency for the Gawooni ecosphere, is garnering a lot of attention from  the gaming market across the globe. The year 2018 is speculated to be a thrilling year for the company as well as gaming enthusiasts. Gawooni is definitely a promising prospect and is considered to be the next big thing in the gaming industry.


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