FlashLoans.com: Empowering Traders And DeFi Users

FlashLoans.com: Empowering Traders And DeFi Users

January 4, 2022

FlashLoans.com is a new DeFi tool that allows people to create and perform Flash Loan-backed trades. Flash loans are a new uncollateralized loan product in DeFi. This is an easy-to-use platform that enables people to build and execute Flash loan-backed trades through a simple yet powerful User Interface.  These trades can be created by selecting from the options menu on the Flash loan building tool.

As a tool, Flashloans.com also has an additional layer of functionality with Flash Tokens that allows users to access staking, bespoke Flash Loan analytics and enjoy reduced platform fees. Anyone with a web 3 wallet can use the tool and access Flash loan liquidity. This can be used to perform an arbitrage trade, self liquidate a DeFi loan, or provide a collateral swap for an existing DeFi position or more.

Flashloans users can develop their DeFi strategy simply by configuring the flash loan they would like to perform. The platform converts complex DeFi protocols into a flash loan builder with advanced front-end functions so that users can easily research and build their own Flash Loan-backed trade. Users can set up their inputs and outputs and create the sequence and the system will then perform the flash loan. The Flash Loans tool will then combine all the stages of your sequence into one transaction and send this on the blockchain.

There are protocols that the system follows to guarantee that the funds in the reserve pool are safe. If the flash loan trader does not return the full liquidity to the pool, the whole transaction will be reversed to effectively undo all the actions executed until that point. 

The team is focused on building a unique value ecosystem with their Flash loan builder tool and the Flash token with a lot of other user benefits. This they have done by performing research on Flash Loans in order to assist DeFi users to manage their DeFi portfolios and strategies. They also have exciting plans to incorporate various platform integrations into Flashloans.com, incentivize and reward builders to evolve the platform, and enhance the ecosystem globally in the near future.

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