What To Expect From IOTA In 2018

February 21, 2018

As one of the most controversial cryptocurrencies in the global marketplace, IOTA has caught the attention of many cryptocurrency fans and traders recently – and with a couple of recent big announcements, it looks set to continue to attract attention throughout 2018.

Trinity wallet

The first project announced by the IOTA team is the Trinity wallet, which promises to be a user-friendly, cross-platform, secure mobile wallet application designed to store the currency. At the moment, IOTA is limited to an official desktop application which has had numerous problems – including a particularly frustrating zero balance display bug.

Most IOTA users are set to welcome a streamlined, bug-free application which can be accessed on mobile, and with this new technology there will likely follow a slew of new IOTA proponents and regular users.

A mystery announcement

The co-founders and developers of IOTA have spoken recently about a mysterious new development known simply as ‘Q’ – with scant details released as yet, many crypto bloggers and commentators have been left to speculate as to the nature of the project.

Theories abound, including gen processors, quantum computers, major banking partnerships, collaborations with key Internet of Things industry leaders.

Reading between the lines

David Sønstebø, has remained elusive when it comes to releasing any more information about the project – only going as far to say, via Twitter, that Q is going to be one of the biggest, “if not the biggest” things to happen within the IOTA project.

However, another co-founder also took to Twitter with a bold claim that IOTA will surpass Bitcoin Cash on CoinMarketCap within 24 hours of Q’s details being released. In real terms, this would mean at least a 4 x increase on current IOTA market value – incentive indeed for crypto traders to invest, provided the prediction comes true of course.

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