eToro Adds Binance BNB Token To Its Platform

eToro Adds Binance BNB Token To Its Platform

October 31, 2018

eToro is a multi-asset brokerage and social trading platform. This platform recently adds the support for BNB utility token of Binance. BNB token is the native crypto asset of Binance, which is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. Now, eToro customers have a chance to buy, sell and store BNB tokens.

Leveraging BNB coin, users can pay trading fees on eToro at lower rates. Moreover, they have a variety of other partner applications within the Binance ecosystem. The exchange has plans to build a DEX- Binance Chain backing by the BNB coin.

Currently, there are 200 million BNB coins. Meanwhile, Binance decides to buy and burn the BNBs, until only 100 million BNB coins left in circulation. According to the sources, eToro allows the user to participate in

  • Forex trading,
  • Financial spread betting,
  • CFDs,
  • Copy trading,
  • Distributed ledger technology

Moreover, supports cryptocurrency trading by pushing a support for BNB coin to its evolving list of cryptos. What do you think about eToro adding BNB tokens? Share your views with us.

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